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Hello Tankers!


Some time ago, the new HTML5 version of TO became available for most players. Have you tried it yet? If not, you can check it out right here!

Important: the new HTML5 version works only in Google Chrome and other Chromium-based browsers such as Yandex, Opera.

Your browser must also support WebGL2. You can check whether your browser supports WebGL2 here.


There are so many changes in the game interface that some people thought it was a brand new game!

But no. This is the same Tanki Online you’ve been playing, so you can keep using your current login and password.


Let’s have a look at the changes:


Main screen


Now, upon entering the game, you’ll see a cleaner, more modern-looking interface.

From the main screen, you’re only one click away from playing your next Battle, chatting, opening Containers, reviewing Missions, visiting the Shop or Garage, or even creating a MM group.

You can also see your Challenge level, number of Stars earned, Premium days and Tankoins.




Your Garage Gear Score is readily visible.The same goes for your Supplies inventory and stats for your currently-installed equipment. You can see everything at a glance, including your Upgrade level.

One of the most common complaints we used to get, was that it’s hard to find your desired Paint in the Garage. The new HTML5 version has fixed that issue. Now you can sort your paints by «Rarity».



Missions and Challenge


The display here is very straightforward. Mission → Progress → Play.




Quite a few players often wonder what kinds of rewards might drop from Containers.

Now, you can see all possible item drops in the Containers section.


Settings section


Sound effects are an important part of the game. Now, we’ve added customizable settings for each audio type.

And there’s more coming. In the near future, we’ll make it possible to change even more parameters, as well as customize your controls!




This section is now more informative. You can see how many in-game friends you have, and how many of them are online. You can even search for a specific friend in your list!


Creating a battle


Dreams come true! Now, you can sort the battle list by mode, name, number of players, duration and even score. This makes it easier to find specific format battles, or long 999 flag battles. And even here, you can search by name.




Updated interface, showing Protections and GS in the TAB battle stats, important notifications and even a Radar!

The radar shows you the locations of your teammates and opponents within a radius of 60 meters, and their elevation in relation to your position.




Additionally, with the server restart on September 20th at 02:00 UTC, a cool update will be released in the new HTML5 version. This update will bring important changes to the camera movement.

When we created the game, there was no mouse camera control mode. This was added much later. But there were some complications.

We tried using the same mechanics as the keyboard, which includes inertia. So, when a player stopped moving the mouse, the camera would keep going, which is not something you’d expect in a mouse camera control mode.

With the next release, camera mechanics will be different for keyboard and mouse modes. So camera movement should be just as you expect it, depending on what mode you play in.


Additionally Gauss, Striker and Juggernaut will have their own unique reticles, emphasizing their specific qualities.


As you can see, there’s quite a bit to be excited about.

So, don’t wait. Jump into the new HTML5 version now, and make sure you check out the improved camera controls tomorrow.

And don’t forget to share your feedback!

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