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In a recent V-LOG, we told you about the upcoming Team Juggernaut.


Here’s how that will work:


  1. The battle starts with one player from each team in the role of Juggernaut. The goal of each team is to destroy the other team’s Juggernaut, while protecting their own from getting destroyed.
  2. The team that destroys the opponent’s juggernaut, gets a Victory Point. And when the juggernaut is destroyed, another player from the team takes over the role.
  3. At the end of the battle, the team with the most Victory Points, wins.


As explained in the V-LOG, the existing Juggernaut mode will be replaced by Team Juggernaut.


But don’t be upset. The old Juggernaut will make a special reappearance for some of our upcoming major events.

Team Juggernaut mode is scheduled to be released this Friday, September 27th.

It will not be released in the mobile version and the old HTML5 version.


Essential information for Team JGR mode


  1. JGR will be given to the next non-self-destruct respawn in the team, NOT to the player who had the role previously.
  2. Killing the enemy JGR will award 1 victory point to your team. Additionally, you will get 100 score points (more than a flag!). However, it will NOT make you the next JGR.
  3. JGR’s overdrive charges once every 40 seconds and does NOT get charged by frags. However, having Dictators on your team will help.
  4. JGR’s power is still dependent on the upgrade levels of the player’s tank hull and turret
  5. JGR’s overdrive still hit pretty hard, especially when attacking the enemy’s JGR. In fact, it works best as an anti-JGR weapon. Getting close enough to use it that way… well, that’s a whole different story.


Get ready to have a blast with the new Team Juggernaut mode!

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