Ultra Weekend May 13th – 15th

TL;DR: Join the August Challenge. The new Gauss Prime Skin is up for grabs! Details below.




Event: August Challenge

Starts: 02:00 UTC on August 2 (tomorrow)

Ends: 02:00 UTC on August 29

Duration: 27 days

Top Prizes: Dictator XT Skin (Silver Tier) and Gauss Prime Skin (Gold Tier)




The new Challenge starts tomorrow (August 2).


Throughout your quest, you’ll be collecting some great rewards, including thousands of crystals, loads of supplies, batteries, paints (both animated and regular), gold boxes, containers, shot effects, Premium, and other goodies*.




As always, you can access rewards from the Silver Tier for free, including the final prize — Dictator XT Skin .


Or if you want even more rewards for your efforts, a Battle Pass (available from the Shop) will unlock the Gold Tier for you, where the Gauss Prime Skin awaits. Gauss is the newest turret released in Tanki Online. And now you can look even cooler with it in battle..


And remember, now you can also purchase the Battle Pass bundled with Premium, which gives you double Stars for every battle you complete!


Finish your Challenge with half the effort with Premium, and claim all the rewards with a Battle Pass.




The most active participants in the Challenge (2000+ Stars during the challenge) will also be in the chance to win a MEGA PRIZE — a Nokia 5.1 Plus smartphone from our partner Nokia. The name of the lucky tanker will be drawn during a livestream on August 29.



So, log into the game tomorrow and start collecting those Stars. The first stage only needs 10 Stars and will bring you 3000 Crystals, or 3 Containers if you have a Battle Pass.


Get ready for the August Challenge!


P.S. The August Challenge is tied to the Demolition WAR, where you could win . Check out the details here.

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