Ultra Weekend May 20th – 22nd



With tomorrow’s (July 19) server restart, we’ll be releasing another update with tweaks to the balance, as well as some cool changes to maps.


Here’s what it will include:




We’ve added 48 hours to the July Challenge and WAR to make up for starting them late.




The freeze receives a slight nerf. A full canister will now last 6.5 seconds instead of 7.




Doubled the aiming recovery time for special shots. Now, when trying to lock on for a special shot, if your enemy slips out of your sights, your lock-on mechanism will remain active for 2 seconds instead of 1 second. This means you have more time to re-acquire your target without losing your lock-on progress.




No changes to the turret, only to its alterations:


  • “Plasma torch” penalty to shot speed has been reduced. Plasma charges will reach opponents faster.
  • “Berserk” now consumes energy more slowly, so you can keep firing continuously for a longer time.




No changes to the turret, only to its alterations:


  • “Slugger” penalty to turret rotation speed has been reduced
  • “Dragon’s breath” will heat up enemy tanks more;
  • “High-capacity ammo clip” penalty for clip reload time will be reduced, and the penalty for reloading shots in a clip will be completely removed;
  • “Adaptive reload” will reload the clip fully instead of adding 2 shots;
  • “Duplet”, unlike the alterations above, will be nerfed. Clip reload time penalty will increase


Dictator Overdrive


A positive change — the area of effect for this Overdrive will increase to 20 meters instead of the current 15.




A couple of our Drones will also undergo changes:


  • The Defender Drone will get a permanent active time of 20 seconds instead of the previous 3 – 5. However, the cooldown will be doubled, and the strength of the additional armor effect will be reduced.
  • The Booster Drone will also receive a passive effect duration of 3 seconds (previously it was possible to boost it up to 5), but with a 3X faster recharge.




This week it will be much more interesting to play matchmaking battles!


We will add several maps to matchmaking, featuring visual and functional redesigns:


  • Release of the experimental map “Archipelago” in DM, TDM and CP modes;
  • Molotov will become available in DM, TDM, CP, CTF, RGB and ASL;
  • Cross will become available in DM, TDM, CP, CTF and RGB modes.


Additionally, some other maps will get minor fixes, and Forest will no longer be available in “Assault” mode.


And for dessert: The “Owl” module with Gauss protection has been added to the “Anticamper” protection modules kit, available to buy in the Shop.


That’s all. Try out the changes and share your opinion about them in the forum!

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