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On June 4th, Tanki Online celebrates its 10th Birthday!


To celebrate Tanki’s upcoming 10th anniversary, starting from the June 3, we’ll be organizing a series of contests called “Marathon X” – 10 contests in which you can earn crystals, containers, branded t-shirts and mugs, useful gadgets and even a tablet!


Getting one of the top places in each of the contests will earn you valuable prizes and Marathon Points, which lead you to a chance of winning the main prizes. The more points you earn, the closer you’ll be to the main prize – a Prestigio Grace 3201 tablet and other cool gadgets.


At the end of the marathon, the tankers who have accumulated the most points will be rewarded as follows:


1st place: Prestigio Tablet device, 200,000 crystals and 25 containers;

2nd place: Bluetooth speaker JBL Flip 4 , 150,000 crystals, 20 containers;

3rd place: Interstep Headphones TWS SBH-520, 120,000 crystals, 15 containers;

4th place: Marshall Major II Bluetooth Headphones, 100,000 crystals, 12 containers;

5th place: Smartwatch Xiaomi Amazfit Cor 2, 80,000 crystals, 10 containers;

6th – 10th places: 70,000 crystals, 8 containers and any animated paint of the player’s choice (from among paints that are dropped from containers);

11th – 20th places – 30,000 crystals, 5 containers and 7 days of Premium account;

21st – 50th places – 20,000 crystals, 3 containers and 5 days of Premium account;

51st – 100th places – 10,000 crystals, 1 container and 3 days of Premium account.


Additionally, any players who earn at least 3 points will be entered into a raffle where we’ll be giving away a Dream Tank consisting of a turret, hull and a module, all fully-upgraded and at the maximum modification available at the participant’s rank in the game.

The faster you complete the contest tasks and the more prizes you win, the higher your position in the ranking will be. If the scores of several players coincide, the prizes will be distributed according to their placement in the ranking.


Contest details will be announced in the in-game communicator and official game platforms, including the game homepage, social networks and the special website. Follow the news!


Make sure that you read the complete rules of this Marathon HERE.


Contest results will be announced as specified in the contest details.


The final results of the “Marathon X” will be published on June 28, 2019.


Marathon prizes will be awarded within 48 hours after the announcement of the final results.


IMPORTANT: There is only ONE Marathon X for all INTERNATIONAL communities (EN, DE, PL, BR, ES), and all international communities will be participating in the SAME Marathon X for the SAME prizes. There will NOT be duplicate prizes for the multiple communities. The Russian community will have its own separate marathon.


Best of luck!

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