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Tomorrow, April 26, we’ll be releasing some tweaks to overdrives, turrets, alterations and drones.


Here’s what you need to know


Wasp Overdrive “N2 – Bomb”


During the recent festive action it was especially noticeable that the Mammoth with the activated force field can not be resisted. With this update, the Wasp bomb will completely neutralize the Mammoth Overdrive effect.


Other changes to Wasp’s Overdrive:


  • slightly increased the charging speed;
  • the bomb will explode after exactly 3 seconds;
  • the explosion will no longer cause damage to the tank that set the bomb.


Hornet Overdrive, “Radar”


Now within the first 10 seconds after activating the Overdrive, getting battle points for destroying tanks will not charge the ability.


Viking Overdrive “Berserker”


We’ve loosened this Overdrive a bit: reduced charging speed and reduced extra damage during the effect period.


Dictator Overdrive “Overload”


This Overdrive will have an additional beneficial effect: replenishing 50% of the Overdrive charge of all allies in the area of action, except other allied Dictators.


Mammoth Overdrive “AT-field”


In addition to the change associated with the Wasp bomb mentioned above, the Mammoth Overdrive will stop dealing damage to enemies behind obstacles. This means that the killing effect will only work in line of sight and not through walls.




Juggernaut’s Overdrive now restores his health completely, 100%.


Increased rate of fire in both shooting modes.


The radius of influence of the Overdrive on surrounding tanks is reduced, but in exchange the repulsive force is increased.




Gun damage on all versions increased by 10%. At the same time, the penalty for damage after overheating is increased — now, instead of 30% of the base damage, Vulcan will deal just 25%.


Alteration for Thunder “Sledgehammer rounds””


Now reduces reload time by 25% instead of 30% — this means that the rate of fire will decrease slightly.




The minimum and medium splash damage radius increased by 1m. This means that the explosion will be more effective.




Sniper damage increased by 10% on all modifications.


Alteration for Shaft “Rapid-fire mode”


Bonus to scope damage reduced from 30% to 25%.


Alteration for Shaft “Rapid-fire mode”


Now with this alteration, in addition to other effects, the maximum sniper damage is reduced by 30%.


Drone “Camper”


The bonus to the recharge rate of supplies increased by more than 2 times.


Come to the game tomorrow and check out the changes! Patch notes can be found here.

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