Ultra Weekend May 20th – 22nd

Event: War of Thrones
Duration: 28 days
Starts: 02:00 UTC on April 1
Ends: 02:00 UTC on April 29
Rewards: Up to 20 Regular Containers and 20 Weekly Containers
Special Page: https://tankionline.com/pages/war_of_thrones/





The April themed-Challenge —The War of Thrones — starts in a few days.


Here are six very important things that you absolutely NEED to know about the event.




The WAR will be between 3 factions — Lannies, Targies, and Staries. The faction with the most Stars at the end of the WAR, wins.




Just like other WARs, this one will be fought in Matchmaking battles.




The War of Thrones event will be using the SAME STARS you earn for the April Challenge. No extra effort is required.




To participate, you simply need to purchase Arbiter. Once you’ve purchased the Arbiter, it will automatically assign you one of the three paints, which will add you to the respective faction.





The Arbiter will be available to buy from 02:00 UTC on March 29, till 02:00 UTC on April 1 (when the WAR starts officially).


That means you only have a few days to join the War of Thrones!




If your faction wins the War of Thrones, and you earn a minimum of 800 stars, you’ll win up to 20 Regular Containers and 20 Weekly Containers.


Reward Tiers:

800-1749 Stars – 10 Weekly Containers.
1750-3499 Stars – 10 Weekly and 10 Regular Containers.
3500 Stars or more – 20 Weekly and 20 Regular Containers.


So, hurry up! Grab the Arbiter and get ready to plunge into a good old-fashioned WAR.


P.S. Read more about the War of Thrones event —including important Terms and Conditions— in the forum.


Let’s see who’s strongest!


Good luck!

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