Ultra Weekend May 20th – 22nd

TL;DR: The latest update in Tanki Online brings about changes to Magnum, Shaft, Hammer, Striker, Isida and Thunder, as well as other balance fixes! Details below.




With the server restart at 02:00 UTC on January 25th (tomorrow), we’ll be implementing an important update that will include changes in the characteristics of some turrets and alterations, as well as some other balance fixes.


Here’s the full list of changes.




Slight decrease in reload time for all modifications except M0. Example: A fully-upgraded M3 will take 3 seconds to recharge instead of 3.5 seconds.




Reload time after sniper shots is 1 second faster for all modifications.




This turret remains unchanged. Changes were only made to the Duplet alteration. Now it will not give a bonus to the recharge rate. The rapid double shot, however, remains unchanged.




The “Uranium” alteration was found to be too strong. So now, when equipping this alteration, Striker reloads 10% slower. No other changes.




This turret has undergone several changes, not only in its standard parameters:


  • The amount of hit points repaired has been reduced almost by half on all modifications;
  • The “Support Nanobots” alteration now increases repairing by 100% instead of 25%;
  • The energy gauge when repairing other tanks now gives you an additional 2.5 seconds of action;
  • The energy gauge for attacking now gives you an additional 1 second of action;
  • The amount of points earned when repairing allies has been increased from 10 points to 15 points.


This has shifted the focus of Isida to make it more attack-focused, while the support function has become a secondary feature. However, repairing allies is still a viable option for earning points in battle.


The “Support Nanobots” alteration makes Isida more support-based for those who wish to play in this role.




Slight changes to the recently-popularized Sledgehammer Shells alteration. Maximum damage range penalty has been increased from 90% to 95%. This means you need to be even closer to the enemy to deal more damage.




Following multiple reports about a mismatch between in-game and wiki details about drones, this update will be correcting any erroneous information. The price and time for upgrades is now uniform across all drones. The total costs and times for fully-upgrading drones remain unchanged.


Weekly missions


Change in the distribution of weekly mission rewards. Previously, completing all 3 tasks awarded 6 regular containers and 3 weekly ones. This has now been reversed — 6 weekly containers and 3 regular ones.


Highway Map (Matchmaking)


Reduced the length of the map to make it more balanced for mid-range players.


All the changes will be documented in detail on the Wiki in the coming days.


Make sure you enter the game tomorrow and check out all the changes for yourself. And don’t forget to give us your feedback!

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