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TL;DR: Unlock bigger rewards in Challenges by getting a Battle Pass. But hurry up, this Challenge ends soon!




If you’ve been participating in the new Challenge, you’ve probably already earned a fair share of rewards. You might even have finished all of the stages.


But did you know that a Battle Pass can unlock a higher tier of rewards for you?



If you’ve been playing without a Battle Pass, you’ve received rewards from the Silver Tier. But purchase a Battle Pass anytime before the end of the Challenge, and you’ll be getting access to the Gold Tier of rewards, which includes 30 additional containers and 4 new animated paints:


Silver Bricks




Tessaract Camo




Lava Lamp




Lightning storm




Hunter XT


Additionally, the rewards for battle pass owners will also include 4 effect shots for different turrets, and the brand new “Hunter XT” skin. The side panels on this cool new skin are a stylized representation of the feathers on a bird of prey as it dives with sharp talons to make the kill. This skin embodies its owner’s predatory skills.




You can find all the information about challenge stages and their respective rewards on the Wiki.

The first challenge will last until January 25th, 2019. You can buy the Battle Pass anytime before that date.


Unlock your Gold Tier rewards by purchasing a Battle Pass from the Challenges section today.

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