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TL;DR: Join the February Challenge. The new Railgun Legacy skin is up for grabs! Details below.



Event: February Challenge

Duration: 4 weeks

Starts: 02:00 UTC on February 1st

Ends: 02:00 UTC on March 1st

Top Prizes: Hornet XT Skin (Silver Tier) and Railgun Legacy Skin (Gold Tier — Requires a Battle Pass)




The new Challenge starts tomorrow (February 1st).


Some great rewards await you, including thousands of crystals, loads of supplies, batteries, paints (both animated and regular), gold boxes, containers, shot effects and other goodies.


But that’s not all!


If you’re persistent enough to complete the final stage of the Challenge (2000 Stars), you will earn yourself a Hornet XT Skin (Silver Tier) and the brand new Railgun Legacy Skin (Gold Tier — Requires a Battle Pass).


Hornet XT and Legacy Railgun

By the way, for fans of the XP format, the March Challenge will be featuring a brand new Hornet Legacy skin to pair with your Legacy Railgun skin. That’s a combo worth fighting for.


New Bundle: Battle Pass and Premium Account


As in the previous Challenge, playing for free rewards you with prizes from the Silver Tier. But if you want even bigger rewards, you can unlock the Gold Tier by purchasing a Battle Pass from the Shop.


But what if you’re really busy this exams, studying or work this month, and you really, REALLY want to get those precious skins?


Don’t worry! A Premium Account can help you finish your Challenge Stages twice as fast by earning double stars for every battle you finish!


And now, you can also buy a Battle Pass and Premium Account together as a bundle from the Shop. It’s faster and more convenient than ever.


Here’s a look at some of the cool rewards that await you in this new Challenge:


New Animated Paints










New Regular Paints


So, log into the game tomorrow and start collecting those Stars. The first stage only needs 10 Stars and will bring you the cool Storm paint, or the brand new Singapore paint if you have a Battle Pass.








Get ready for the February Challenge!

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