Ultra Weekend May 20th – 22nd



We’re about half way through the new Challenge.


Loads of your fellow tankers have already earned a ton of cool prizes, including heaps of crystals and supplies, two cool animated paints (“Starfall” and “LEDs”), as well as 10 containers and the hot Firebird XT skin.


And those are just from the Silver tier!


Buy a Battle Pass ANYTIME during the Challenge, and you’ll automatically be upgraded into the Gold tier, which includes 30 additional containers and 4 new animated paints:


Silver Bricks



Tesseract Camo



Lava Lamp



Lightning storm



Additionally, the rewards for battle pass owners will also include 4 effect shots for different turrets, and the brand new “Hunter XT” skin. The side panels on this cool new skin are a stylized representation of the feathers on a bird of prey as it dives with sharp talons to make the kill. This skin embodies its owner’s predatory skills.


Hunter XT




You can find all the information about challenge stages and their respective rewards on the Wiki.


The first challenge will last until January 25th, 2019.


Are you ready to earn some great prizes? Join the Challenge today.

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