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Update #541 will be released in the game with the next server restart at 02:00 UTC tomorrow, February 1. Details below:




Battle time reduced to 7 minutes. Battles end faster, which means you can play more battles in the same amount of time and get more rewards for them, including the stars!


Equipment changes in battles


Due to the reduced battle length, the minimum wait time of 5mins between equipment changes in battle is also being revised. The time is being reduced to 3 minutes.


The change applies to all battles including PRO.


Changes in winning conditions for MM battles


Following the reduction in battle length, the winning conditions (frags, flags, points, etc.) for matchmaking battles are also being changed:

TDM: 70 frags instead of 100;

JGR: 50 frags instead of 100;

ASL: 70 points instead of 100;

DM: 30 frags instead of 50;

CP: 30 points instead of 50;

CTF: 5 flags instead of 7;

RGB: 5 goals instead of 7.


Destroy opponents, deliver flags, score goals and move on to the next battle faster!


“Massacre” map


Following player feedback, we’ve removed the craters from the map, which weren’t very helpful for hiding from enemies, and instead added buildings on both bases and between the Central hills. These should serve as better cover.


We’re aware that sometimes tanks can “fall through” the map, but unfortunately this issue cannot be fixed at the present time.


Additionally, you can now play CTF and RGB matchmaking battles on Massacre once again.


Log into the game tomorrow and check out all of the changes in this update!

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