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Good news, the release of TO Mobile will happen very soon, and to be more specific — next week already!


Now Tanki will be with you at all times, ready for a battle on your Android phone or tablet on the way to school or work, and even on a trip or resting back home on a couch.


But there is one clarification. The mobile version of Tanki Online won’t be released in all territories at once — we will connect more countries one by one. This will allow us to release the game in a stable and efficient way, fixing bugs and issues of the app on the way to the global release and for the maximum quality of the final product.

The first users of Tanki Online Mobile will be the residents of Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Poland. In these countries the app will become available first.

We know that many players among you live in different countries, and how much everyone cannot wait to play TO Mobile. For those tankers we will release a special offer, which will include a set of game bonuses and an Early Access to the Mobile version of Tanki Online.

This way, if you want to play Tanki on the phone as soon as possible, you will be able to do it earlier than the mobile version is officially released in your country!

We will share details about the special offer and its release separately.


Follow the news and look forward to a ton of new and exciting events!

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