Ultra Weekend January 21st – 23rd



The second weekend of September is near, and this means only one thing — Tanker’s Day is finally here! Join us in the loudest celebration of the favorite Tanki holiday for 9 full days!


From 02:00 UTC September 8th till 02:00 UTC September 17th launch the game to find thematic decorations, special offers in the Shop, 2 new animated paints and the Star Hunt! And, of course, Tanker’s Day will bring the biggest discounts to the Shop and to the Garage.


Let’s go down each point.


Thematic decorations


During the 9 days of the celebration the holiday atmosphere of Tanker’s Day will be present on every map with special decorations:


  • holiday paint with special texture (available only for the celebration, can’t be bought);
  • holiday billboards on all maps;
  • holiday parachutes for supply drops;
  • thematic flags in CTF;
  • thematic Gold Boxes and drop zones;
  • thematic gifts.



Double Battle Funds


For the full 9 days, from 02:00 UTC September 8th till 02:00 UTC September 17th you will earn double battle funds in all Matchmaking (non-PRO) battles! This means you earn double the crystals for each finished battle!


Don’t miss the chance to earn tons of crystals and have an awesome holiday with friends!


Freeze XT


It’s about time to expand the line of XT-skins with a new addition. Welcome Freeze XT!



It looks like a head of a mastodon with its mighty silver tusks, which will turn all enemies around you to run away in fear, just very slowly. After the morning restart on September 8th the skin will become available for purchase in the Shop, and will also be added to containers.


Titan XT skin will be removed from the Shop and will remain available only in containers.


Star Hunt


In honor of Tanker’s Day we have decided to launch a new Star Hunt! From 02:00 UTC on September 8th till 02:00 UTC on September 17th play in Matchmaking battles, earn stars and get the coolest rewards — containers and a brand new animated paint “Synth-pop”*!



  • 50 stars — 1 container;
  • 100 stars — 2 containers;
  • 200 stars — 3 containers;
  • 300 stars — 4 containers;
  • 400 stars — 5 containers;
  • 500 stars — 6 containers;
  • 600 stars — 7 containers;
  • 700 stars — 8 containers;
  • 800 stars — 9 containers;
  • 1000 stars — animated paint “Synth-pop”.


Additionally, players who become TOP-10 by the number of stars earned during the hunt will get absolutely new Freeze XT skin. You can track the current ratings by stars earned for you and other players on the special site. On the site you will always see current list of TOP-100 players globally, and it will help you align your holiday plans with top ten positions in the list.


NOTE: prizes in the event are summed up, meaning when you reach a specific rewards tier you will get that many containers. For example, if you earn 1000 or more stars, your reward will be 45 containers in total and new animated paint.


Prizes will be given out automatically and instantly, as soon as you earn the required number of stars. We will tell you about it in the game with a special notification.


How to earn stars


The event will be held for all 9 days of the celebration, from 02:00 UTC September 8th till 02:00 UTC September 17th. To earn stars, you need to actively play and finish MM battles (non-PRO battles).


The stars are earned the following way:


  • 1st and 2nd place on the winning team, 1st place on the losing team and 1st and 2nd places in solo modes (DM and JGR) — 3 stars;
  • 3rd and 4th places on the winning team, 2nd and 3rd places on the losing team and 3rd and 4th places in solo mode (DM and JGR) — 2 stars;
  • Any other place — 1 star, if you have actively played and finished the battle.


NOTE: the stars will not be reset, and you collect them throughout the duration of the event. The current number of stars you have earned will be shown in the upper part of the screen, next to your crystals.


For the full duration of the event you will find the “Easy Stars” pass available for purchase in the Shop, which doubles the number of stars earned in battles. When the event ends, pass will be removed from the Garages of all players who bought the pass.


Join the hunt for the stars and may the luck be on your side! Maybe, inside containers will find exactly what you have dreamed about for a long time! And “Synth-pop” will become a stylish addition to your paints collection.




And now to the main stars of the professional tanker holiday — discounts. During the celebration you will have the perfect opportunity to expand your arsenal and save on upgrading your equipment to the highest level!


02:00 UTC September 8th — 02:00 UTC September 9th:

  • –50% discount on items in the Shop. Discount applies to crystals, Premium, Gold Boxes, kits and paints.


02:00 UTC September 9th — 02:00 UTC September 10th:

  • –50% discount on items in the Garage. Discount applies to turrets, hulls, modules, paints, alterations and supplies.


02:00 UTC September 8th — 02:00 UTC September 10th:

  • –50% discount on MicroUpgrades. Discount applies to each MU step and SpeedUp.


NOTE: discounts do not apply to drones, batteries, gifts, PRO Battle Pass, containers, clan license, Rename Pass, “Easy Stars” Pass, special offers in the Shop, the smallest packs of crystals, Premium and Gold Boxes.


Special Offers


From 02:00 UTC September 8th till 02:00 UTC September 17th you will find 2 special offers in the Shop, one of which has a new animated paint “Electrohive”*.


Special offer №1:

  • new animated paint “Electrohive”
  • 15 containers
  • 25,000 crystals


Special offer №2:

  • 5 containers
  • 300 of each supply (except Gold Boxes and batteries)
  • 100,000 crystals


*new paints will also be added to containers


Have an awesome Tanker’s Day, everyone! 🙂

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