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The Fall is in full bloom, and we’re celebrating the season with a new Star Week!


On the last week of September, from 02:00 UTC September 25th till 02:00 UTC October 1st, the game will be especially bright and colorful, like Autumn, with thematic decorations, gifts, Double Battle Funds, discounts in the Garage and in the Shop, special offers and a true starfall, and also a new animated paint!


Thematic decorations


For 6 days in the game a truly inspiring atmosphere will help you in battles with decorations:


  • holiday paint with special texture;
  • thematic billboards on all maps;
  • special parachutes on supplies;
  • thematic flags in CTF;
  • thematic Gold Boxes and their drop zones;
  • thematic gifts.


Star Hunt


From 02:00 UTC September 25th till 02:00 UTC October 1st a true starfall will descend upon Tanki Online.


Play in Matchmaking battles, earn stars and get cool rewards, among which are containers and the new animated paint “Runes”*!



  • 25 stars — 1 container;
  • 50 stars — 1 container;
  • 100 stars — 1 container;
  • 150 stars — 2 containers;
  • 200 stars — 3 containers;
  • 250 stars — 4 containers;
  • 300 stars — 5 containers;
  • 400 stars — 6 containers;
  • 500 stars — 7 containers;
  • 700 stars — animated paint “Runes”.

>> Runes Preview <<


IMPORTANT: prizes in the event are summed up, which means when you reach a specific prize tier, you get that many containers.


Prizes will be delivered to you automatically, as soon as you earn the required number of stars. We will notify you about the prizes within the game using a special notification.


*new paint will also be added to containers


How to earn stars


The event will be active for 6 days, from 02:00 UTC September 25th till 02:00 UTC October 1st.


To earn stars, you will need to play in Matchmaking battles and play in them actively, until the battle is finished.


Stars are earned the following way:


  • 1st and 2nd place on the winning team, 1st place on the losing team or 1st and 2nd places in solo modes (DM and JGR) — 3 stars;
  • 3rd and 4th place on the winning team, 2nd and 3rd place on the losing team or 3rd and 4th places in solo modes (DM and JGR) — 2 stars;
  • All other places — 1 star, if you were active during the battle.


IMPORTANT: stars are not zeroed out or removed for the full duration of the event. The number of stars earned will be shown in the upper part of the screen, next to crystals.


For the full duration of the event the “Easy Stars” Pass will be available for purchase in the Shop, and it will double the number of stars earned. At the end of the event the pass will be removed from Garages of players who bought the pass.


Double Battle Funds


From 02:00 UTC September 25th till 02:00 UTC October 1st play in Matchmaking (non-PRO) battles and earn double battle funds! This means twice as many crystals for each finished battle!


Use the opportunity to save up as many crystals as you can!




And, of course, discounts!


02:00 UTC September 28th — 02:00 UTC September 29th:

  • —25% on items in the Shop. The discount applies to crystals, Gold Boxes, Premium, kits and paints.


02:00 UTC September 29th — 02:00 UTC September 30th:

  • —25% on items in the Garage. The discount applies to turrets, hulls, modules, paints and supplies.


02:00 UTC September 30th — 02:00 UTC October 1st:

  • —25% on MicroUpgrades. —25% on each MU step, —50% on each SpeedUp.


IMPORTANT: discounts do not apply to drones, batteries, gifts, PRO-Pass, containers, clan license, Rename Pass, special offers in the Shop, and also the smallest packs of crystals, days of Premium and Gold Boxes.


Special Offer


From 02:00 UTC September 25th till 02:00 UTC October 1st a new special offer will be available in the Shop.


Special offer includes:


  • 5 containers
  • 300 of each supply (except Gold Boxes and batteries)
  • 100,000 crystals



Jump into the game tomorrow to catch the stars, earn containers and may the luck be on your side!

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