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With the morning restart tomorrow, 02:00 UTC September 6th the long-awaited improvements will come to Matchmaking, Smoky and Striker will receive balance changes, and other, smaller changes will be added to the game.


Let’s go over all parts of the update:


Matchmaking Improvements


  • Matchmaking will find battles for solo players faster, and the prediction accuracy for the wait time will increase. Situations where the actual waiting time is much longer than the estimated wait time will disappear.
  • Rank limits will be added to Battle Groups: all players in the group must be 5 ranks below or above the group’s creator.
    • Example: if your rank is Third Lieutenant, players in your group can be from Warrant Officer 1 to Lieutenant Colonel.
  • Friend List:
    • When a friend is playing in a MM battle, next to their name in the Friend List will be written “In battle”.
    • When a friend is in a battle group, next to their nickname in the Friend List will be added “In battle group”.
    • Now it will be possible to invite friends into battle groups even if they are in battle at that moment. If the player agrees to join the group, they will leave battle and join the battle group.


PRO-Battle List Changes


  • Next to custom battle names in Battle List you will now see the names of maps, so it will be easier to find your favorite map.
  • Battles in the list will be sorted by the time of creation, in a descending order. This way, the new battles will always be at the top of the list.


Turret Balance Changes



Smoky will become more viable in a long range fight. To do this, we will slightly increase its critical damage and the maximum hit range, and significantly increase turret’s effectiveness at middle-to-long range, so the damage fall off will be noticeably weaker and will start at a longer range than now.



Missile-launcher turret will receive a small improvement to the target acquiring time and the speed of rockets. The changes will affect the higher modifications the most.


Other changes


  • Added option to receive gifts from players that are not in your Friend List. To enable the option, please go to Settings.
  • The “Battle!” button in the Battle List renamed to “Matchmaking”.
  • Small changes to Matchmaking configurations for maps.
  • The first “wave” of supply drops in battles will begin to drop significantly later than now — close to 2 minutes after the battle starts, and not in about 40 seconds.


The full list of changes can be found in Patch Notes #525.


Launch the game on September 6th and share your thoughts on the update in this thread!

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