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Turn 4 will end sooner than planned (today), and will have no impact on the War.


Check out the details of how Turn 4 will be completed in the special video below.







This is a mini V-LOG.


The War is slightly broken.

  • First of all: containers didn’t arrive for the completed 3rd turn. At the moment of recording this video we have already started sending them out by hand.
  • Second: Wolves today couldn’t attack or defend. That’s why Wolves couldn’t also earn stars, and because of that, Wolves have *already* missed the chance to play successfully in the turn.


Here’s what we have decided to do:

  • Containers for the completed third turn are already being given out.
  • We’re fixing the War right now.
  • As soon as the event is working properly, we will forcibly end the current, fourth turn.
  • With the 4th turn over, we will send out containers corresponding to the stars earned in the turn. If you managed to earn 5 in a few hours — good job.
  • With the Wolves it’s a bit difficult. They won’t earn stars before the end of the turn and we can’t calculate who and how many many containers would earn. That’s why all Wolves will get 1 container regardless if they participated in this short turn or not.
  • Now the map. Faction progress in this turn will NOT be counted. This means turn 4 won’t affect the War at all, no territories will be captured.


Now what’s coming next. After the 4th turn will end it will start turn 5. Vote, confirm your vote, and jump into battles.


The 5th turn will be also short — it will end at 07:00 UTC tomorrow, on August 3rd.


We think this decision is the most fair for everyone in the War and for the event competition.


Until the next time.

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