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The War in Tanki Online continues, and the third turn is now complete. Let’s check the results.


All 3 factions continue their expansion on all fronts. Lions, Bears and Wolves have captured the territories directly connected to theirs, and in same as in the last turn the decisions were made by each faction to ensure the victory is within reach.


At this moment none of the factions in the War managed to capture enemy territories, but all factions are now facing the enemy borders, and the precious Vaults. If a faction will capture one of the Vaults, then all of its participants that have chosen to attach the Vault region will get 15 containers.


IMPORTANT: The bonus is a one-time chance, meaning the territory will earn containers only to the faction players that capture it first.


Of course, next turn Vaults will become the main points of many heated battles.


And here’re the territories that were captured in the third turn:


  • Bears — Massacre, Arena, Zone, Valley, Novel, Pass and Cross;
  • Lions — Polygon, Courage, Canyon, Silence and Chernobyl;
  • Wolves — Sandbox, Sandal, Kungur, Ping-Pong and Factory.


This way, Bears managed to capture 3 territories more than Lions and Wolves.


All sides of the conflict are still going head to head in Victory Points. Bears, Lions and Wolves all have 27 VPs right now. How will the situation change after the 4th turn?


Participate in the War, play actively in battles and earn stars (and don’t forget to vote and confirm your choice on the site). Each player can lead their faction to victory!


And soon we will tell you what will happen in the 4th turn. Follow the news!

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