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A new week has just started in Tanki Online, and we already have a ton of news for you!


In addition to the announced events, with the server restart 02:00 UTC August 21st new changes to turret balance and new tank power indicator will be added to the game, and in battles a new supply will start to drop — “Nuclear Energy”.


“Nuclear Energy”


During the last several weeks the most frequently asked question among many others was “what is this nuclear sign on the ground?”. We were fascinated by the theories and guesses, and today, we will finally unveil the meaning behind the zone and why is it needed.


Tomorrow already a new supply drop will appear in the game, called “Nuclear energy”. This drop will instantly charge your overdrive to 100%. We remind you, that overdrive is activated by pressing on the “Shift” button of your keyboard and it activates all supplies for you and all nearby allies.


New supply box will drop not in every mode: for example, you will not find the new supply in Juggernaut mode. If there is no special orange dropzone on the map, it means that the new “Nuclear Energy” supply will not drop in that mode.


For the creation of this feature we were inspired by an idea from player Vincent-Valentine, who posted it on the special site for the ideas available previously here. If you have a new idea for a game mechanic and want to share it with us and fellow tankers, please post it in the special section of the Forum right here.


New tank power indicator


With server restart on August 21 rating indicator at the far right of your experience bar will be replaced by a new indicator, showing the current power level of your tank. Power indicator will increase depending on how powerful your equipment is (hulls, turrets, drones, modules).


Equipment level can be seen in the experience bar or in battle by pressing on R or V keys. This way, you will be able to more easily find the right tanker for your clan or to understand who are you fighting in battle.


Balance changes




With the recent update the afterburn on targets attacked by Firebird on lower ranks was too strong (that is especially noticeable for M0, M1, and sometimes M2). For this reason, we’ve corrected the time for target to continue burning.


On higher ranks turret’s parameters did not change.




You have probably noticed, that Vulcan is usually used in combination with heavy hulls, because they can fire for a longer period of time while ignoring the burning of own’s tank.


We have decided to introduce the following changes to turret parameters, to make it more effective for playing on light and medium hulls:


  • significantly increased the length of time before overheating starts;
  • slowed down the speed of turning and barrels spinning before firing;
  • increased the firing distance;
  • increased damage.




The only change that will affect Isidas is that the points for healing teammates will increase, from 5 to 10.


Turret parameters in the Wiki will be updated in the next several days.


That’s all of the news for today! Don’t miss your chance to save with the discounts on Tanki Summer Sale, and earn containers and a new animated paint during Star Week!

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