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Ultra Weekend June 24th – 26th



What the most famous natural phenomena of August? Stars traveling across the night sky, correct! From 02:00 August 21st till 02:00 UTC August 27th the stars will also fall in Tanki!


For the duration of the holiday we will return stars into the game — the special resource that many remember from the last War event.


Play in Matchmaking battles, earn stars and get cool rewards, among which are containers and the new animated paint “Fall leaves”*!



  • 100 stars — 1 container;
  • 200 stars — 2 containers;
  • 300 stars — 3 containers;
  • 400 stars — 4 containers;
  • 500 stars — 5 containers;
  • 700 stars — animated paint “Fall leaves”.



IMPORTANT: prizes in the event are summed up, which means when you reach a specific prize tier, you get that many containers. If you collect 700 stars or more, your final rewards will be 15 containers and the animated paint.


Prizes will be delivered to you automatically, as soon as you earn the required number of stars. We will notify you about the prizes within the game using a special notification.


*new paint will also be added to containers


How to earn stars


The event will be active for 6 days, from 02:00 UTC August 21st till 02:00 UTC August 27th.


To earn stars, you will need to play in Matchmaking battles and play in them actively, until the battle is finished.


Stars are given out the following way:


  • 1st and 2nd place on the winning team, 1st place on the losing team or 1st and 2nd places in solo modes (DM and JGR) — 3 stars;
  • 3rd and 4th place on the winning team, 2nd and 3rd place on the losing team or 3rd and 4th places in solo modes (DM and JGR) — 2 stars;
  • All other places — 1 star, if you were active during the battle.

IMPORTANT: stars are not zeroed out or removed for the full duration of the event. The number of stars earned will be shown in the upper part of the screen, next to crystals.


For the full duration of the event the “Easy Stars” Pass will be available for purchase in the Shop, and it will double the number of stars earned. At the end of the event the pass will be removed from Garages of players who bought the pass.

Join the hunt for stars! Don’t forget to make a wish, and then you might find in containers exactly what you wished for! And the “Fall leaves” paint, which will be given to the most active tanks, will remind you of the coming Golden Autumn.

By the way, during the Star Week you can find even more events in the game, read here.

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