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Ultra Weekend May 20th – 22nd



This week is packed with events — updates in the game, the end of the War… And we’ve decided that Crazy Weekend will be just the perfect finale!


And to make it even more crazy, during the event you will in the game thematic billboards, special texture for the Holiday paint, thematic Gold Boxes and their drop zones, parachutes, flags, and also 3 gifts which will grant you and your friends extra energy.


Here’s what will be waiting for you in Tanki Online from 02:00 UTC August 11th until 02:00 UTC August 13th:




Of course, what weekend can be crazy without sales?


02:00 UTC August 11th — 02:00 UTC August 12th:

  • -25% in the Shop. Discounts apply to crystals, Kits, Gold Boxes, Premium and paints.


02:00 UTC August 12th — 02:00 UTC August 13th:

  • -25% in the Garage. Discounts apply to turrets, hulls, modules, paints and supplies.
  • MicroUpgrades. -25% discount for MU steps and -50% discount for SpeedUps.


NOTE: discounts do not apply to drones, batteries, PRO Battle Pass, containers, clan license, Rename Pass, special offers in the Shop, drones and batteries kits, and the minimal sized packs of crystals, Premium and Gold Boxes.


Special Offer


From 02:00 UTC August 11th till 02:00 UTC August 13th a Special Offer will be added to the Shop. The offer includes:

  • 5 containers
  • 300 of each supply (except Gold Boxes)
  • 100,000 crystals.


Don’t miss your chance to save big!


Double Battle Funds


For 2 days straight, from 02:00 UTC August 11th till 02:00 UTC August 13th earn double battle funds in Matchmaking, non-PRO battles! This means you get twice the crystals for each finished battle!


And the most interesting will take place on the fields of tanks battles!


Win containers, days of Premium and the new animated paint “Radioactive jelly”, enter a special giveaway to win one of the 2 Dream Tanks! A Dream Tank is a fully upgrades tank with turret, hull and protection module of your choice, available at your rank.


Details and Prizes


The event will be held from 21:00 UTC August 10th till 21:00 UTC August 12th.


Your goal is to make enough kills in standard, non-PRO battles. The more enemies you destroy, the bigger is your prize:


  • 400-799 enemy tanks destroyed — 3 containers
  • 800-1999 enemy tanks destroyed — 5 containers + 3 days of Premium
  • 2000+ enemy tanks destroyed — 10 containers + 5 days of Premium + new animated paint “Radioactive jelly”.

Your current results you can track on the special site >>here<<. Kills are updated every 30 minutes, so if you don’t see your new kills right after battle, please check back later.


During the first hours after the event is launched, TOP-10 players list on the site will be empty, until 10 or more players destroy 400+ enemy tanks.


Players who complete the kill tiers will be guaranteed to get the prizes detailed above.

Also, among all tankers who destroy 800 enemy tanks or more, we will run a special giveaway for 2 Dream Tanks, and you can read more the giveaway in the full rules.


IMPORTANT: please read carefully the rules of the giveaway, posted below. They contain important information on how to participate in the event and when the prizes are delivered.


2 Dream Tanks


From the list of all participants, who destroy 800 enemy tanks or more we will randomly choose 2 players. Both players will receive a Dream Tank — any* turret, hull and protection module in the fully upgraded modification available at your rank.


Full list of players who successfully complete kill tiers and the names of the Dream Tanks winners will be published on Tuesday, August 14th.


Don’t miss the crazy weekend!


*available at your Rank on the day of the rewards

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