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Tankers! Tankers?


With the morning restart 02:00 UTC tomorrow, August 10th the long-awaited Smoky XT skin will be added to the game, along with several new animated paints, an extended version of Sandbox in Matchmaking, and changes to turret balance for Freeze and Firebird.


New Sandbox


Tomorrow already Matchmaking battles will be played on one more map — extended version of Sandbox. For many players this map is their favorite because of its simplicity, and some can’t imagine XP/BP without the map.


New Sandbox will get an additional zone to each of the sides, and will look somewhat like a cross. Even though the middle part of the map won’t change, the feel of playing on Sandbox will be quite different.


New version of Sandbox will also be added to PRO-battles.


Smoky XT


It’s time for a completely new XT skin, which you’ve been asking for a long time. We’re very happy to share a new addition to the legendary “golden” XT series — Smoky XT! After the server restart on August 10th this skin will be added for sale in the Shop, and it will be also added to containers.


Visually Smoky XT reminds of the head of a snake, and looks very cool!


But let’s not make you read with growing excitement any longer:



Turret balance changes




Lately Freeze started to dominate most battles. That’s not surprising, considering it dealt a bit too much of the damage, which, of course, was very useful for the owners of the turret. With the release on August 10th we’ll fix this problem by lowering damage done by Freeze.




Firebird changes are more interesting. As you know, the turret inflicts damage from two sources — from the flame stream and from burning. We’ve slightly lowered the direct damage, and increased burning.


Plus the burning mechanic has been changed. Previously, the more heated the tank was, the more damage it received. Now the heat level only impacts the duration of the burning, and the damage will be equal every second of the burning. Thanks to that, it is easier to predict how long it will take for the enemy tank to blow up.


6 New animated paints


Perfect news for the fans of striking appearance on the battlefield!


With the restart on August 10th we’ll add 6 completely new animated paints into containers:



Don’t want to rely on luck? Soon we’ll offer you an option to become an owner of one of these paints guaranteed. Follow the news!


Jump into the game tomorrow, check out the updates and share your thoughts on the Forum!

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