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There’s not much time left before the War begins, and this means it’s time to share details of the most requested topic for War: Domination: what are the prizes. Let’s dive right in!


Rewards for participating in the War


In the War you will need to earn a new game resource — stars. For that you need to play in Matchmaking battles and, most importantly, finish them. Your prizes and the overall success of your faction will depend on the number of stars you earn each turn and for the full duration of the War event.


Let’s remind you, how stars are given out at the end of the battle:


  • 1st place in DM or on the winning team — 3 stars;
  • 1st place on the losing team or 2nd place on the winning team in DM — 2 stars;
  • Any other placement — 1 star.


IMPORTANT: The star count is determined at the end of the battle depending on the player’s position in the final score table. This way, only tankers who played actively in the battle and stayed until the end will earn stars. If you left the battle before it was over or just stood in place, you will not earn any stars.


And here’s how to get rewards in the War.


Active participation in Matchmaking battles:


  • For confirming your choice of territories on the War site and earning 5 stars — 3 containers;
  • For earning 15* stars — 5 containers;
  • For earning 30* stars — 10 containers.


* total number of stars in a turn, not in addition to the previous level.


IMPORTANT: if you earn less than 5 stars during a War turn, then you will not get any prizes for that turn. Also don’t forget, you need to earn stars AFTER voting what territories to attack and defend on the War site.


  • Capturing special territories on the map — Vaults: if the faction captures a Vault, then all of its players that confirmed their vote to attack that territory will get 15 containers. The bonus is a one-time reward — bonus territories will only reward the faction that captures the region first.
  • Faction wins in the War: players of the faction will get 20 additional containers and the animated version of their faction paint. Important requirement to get the prizes: you need to complete at least 6 turns in the War (not necessary to do all 6 in a row).
  • Top-10 placement: tankers, who earn the most stars for their faction at the end of the War will be placed in the Top-10 list for their faction, and will get **unique Legacy skins for Viking and Thunder. The current Top ratings of your own faction will be shown on the War site during the event.


** Only 30 tankers (3 factions combined) that made it into Top-10 of the factions will become the owners of the Legacy Viking and Thunder set of skins, until it is available for purchase in the Shop. When will it happen we will announce at a later date, but those tankers will be the coolest players in the game until then. The only exception — a few Youtubers, who will be given the Legacy skins set for a limited time to record videos about the unique skins.


Prizes for the stars earned and the bonus territories captured will be given out automatically once a day at the end of each turn — between 06:55 UTC and 7:05 UTC on that day.


Containers for the faction win will be sent out after the completion of the last turn of the War. We will announce the dates when animated paint and skins will be delivered after the event ends.


Start planning your battle strategies and get ready to wage War!

The event is designed only as an entertaining fictional activity and has no connection to real names, people, organizations and events in the world. Any similarities are coincidental. The event does not, in any way, provoke or encourage real life violence, extremism or violation of the international law. The company is not responsible for any actions that harm the user or break the international law and/or Game Rules. For breaking the rules of the game or the event, participants can be disqualified from the event and its rewards.




When will the War start?
The event is planned to start on July 30th.


How much time will the War take?
Approximately 2-3 weeks. Everything depends on the strategies each faction will choose and how active are the players of each faction.


Does participant’s K/D matter in the War?
No, K/D does not influence anything.


What is the “Easy Stars” pass, how does it work and where can I find it?
“Easy Stars” pass will increase the number of stars earned in battles. It will be available for purchase only in the Shop.


Can I participate in the War from multiple accounts?
Indeed you can.


What determines faction progress when it comes to Victory Points?
Victory Points are given to each faction before the start of a new turn. Each territory that the faction owned in the previous turn will earn the faction a certain number of Victory Points, and the number depends on the level of the territory (find more information on the map legend in the bottom left corner of the site). The current Victory Points table for all factions can be found at the bottom of the War site.


How does Top-10 for each faction count the stars?
All stars earned by players during the War will be summarized. The more stars you earn, the higher is your placement in Top-10 list.
Note 1: Each player has access only to the list of their own faction (or no list if the player has not purchased the Distributor paint).
Note 2: The ratings in Top-10 list are updated every 5 minutes, please note there’s a delay.


If several players finish the battle with the identical score, who will get the stars?
They will earn the same place in battle and get the equal number of stars (without the stars earned through the “Easy Stars” pass).


If a tanker doesn’t participate in the War and places on the final score table in battles, how many stars will be given to the players who participate in the War and are placed BELOW that tanker on the score table?
Players who do not participate in the War will still place in battles as usual, and will not give any extra stars to players below them in the list who are participants in the War.


How many stars will you earn if team battle ends in a draw?
In this case, when the stars are being counted the system will think both teams lost.

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