Ultra Weekend January 21st – 23rd



Many of you remember the War — the global event that was held in Tanki Online back in March and February of this year.


In the past several months you’ve often asked us, “Where’s the War 2?”. It’s about time.


The long awaited event will start very soon — close to the end of July or the start of August.


This time we’ve invited active members of the community to help prepare the War, and we hope you’ll like what we’ve prepared!


To share with you how the new War works and what are the prizes, we’ve prepared a series of announcements before the event will be launched, so follow the news!


Today we will explain the general mechanic of the event and we’ll also tell you how factions will be distributed in War: Domination.


In War, each tanker represents one of the factions, fighting over territories on the global map of a fictional world (this is NOT an in-game map of Tanki Online). The event takes place on a special site of the War, which will be launched closer to the start of the event.




This time there will be 3 factions, and you won’t be choosing the faction — it will be assigned to each player. This way, we moved away from the game localisations and named the faction “Lions”, “Bears” or “Wolves”.


How to participate


To join one of the factions in the conflict, you will need to buy a special paint in the Garage, which will be called “Distributor”. With the start of the War, “Distributor” will turn into one of the faction paints, chosen randomly for all players.


IMPORTANT: faction paints are needed to assign faction allegiance for sides in the War, and it is NOT necessary to wear the paint in battles. The “Distributor” paint will appear for sale in the Garage closer to the start of the event, it is not available yet.


Registration. The War Site


Specially for the War we will launch the event site with the global map, on which factions will battle for supremacy. You will be able to choose what territories to attack and defend on it.


When you will open the site, press on the “Enter” button in the top right corner. You will be directed to the official Tanki Online website, where you need to authorize your account. After entering login and password you will be sent back to the War site (and this might happen automatically, if you have chosen the “Remember me” option in the authorization form).


After the authorization, the War site will help you with advice what to do next, and tell you about the current statistics for you and your faction.


The link to the site will be posted closer to the start of the event, additionally, in the Lobby for Matchmaking battles a special button will be added that will lead directly to the War site.


Please be cautious and only click on the links from official announcements or sent by members of the Administration, do NOT trust random links from the in-game chat.


Main objective


Same as in the previous War, the event will take place on a map of a fictional world, where factions will need to capture and defend territories, earning points for holding them each turn. As soon as one of the factions will gain enough points — the War will be over!


The main difference between the Wars is in the attack and defence mechanic. In the last War, the strength of each faction was determined by K/D of the players in the faction. We understood, that it wasn’t a fair statistic to use, and that’s why in War 2 we will introduce a new special resource — stars. The better and the more you play in battles, the more stars you will earn. Stars will be used to confirm turns in the War and will be counted for conflicts on that territory. Stars will also determine prizes for participants.


That’s it for today. You must have a low of new questions now — post them in the comments on Youtube and in this thread, and we’ll answer them in the coming War announcements.


The event is designed only as an entertaining fictional activity and has no connection to real names, people, organizations and events in the world. Any similarities are coincidental. The event does not, in any way, provoke or encourage real life violence, extremism or violation of the international law. The company is not responsible for any actions that harm the user or break the international law and/or Game Rules. For breaking the rules of the game or the event, participants can be disqualified from the event and its rewards.

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