Ultra Weekend May 20th – 22nd



With the morning restart on June 23rd a big update will be released in the game. 3 new drones will become available for purchase, a new set of XT-skins and new kits will be added to the Shop and several changed will be made to the balance of turrets and maps.


New skins in the Shop


After the restart a new special offer with XT-skins will appear in the shop for Viking and Thunder. These skins will be also added to containers. At the same time the previous special offer for skins will be removed from the Shop, and starting tomorrow XT skins for Hornet and Railgun can be found only within containers.


New drones


New trio of drones arrives tomorrow already, and it’s Engineer, Drive and Supplies!


  • Engineer prolongs the active time of supplies picked up on the map.
  • Driver speeds up overdrive recharge time while destroying tanks. Suitable for attackers, its effect is passive and doesn’t have a reload.
  • Supplier prolongs the active time of the supplies Double Damage, Double Armor and Speed Boost, and also “shares” the effect of activated supplies with nearby allies. The effect is triggered after a drone’s reload.


Additionally, we will also change the parameters of the old drones:


  • The radius at which Mechanic heals the allies has been increased. Also, Mechanic can’t now be triggered by activating overdrive. The effect is now applied only from the Repair Kit — and it doesn’t matter if the Kit was picked up or activated.
  • Bonus time for the supplies will be increased for Assault and Trooper drones.


Detailed parameters of the new drones and tweaks to the old will be soon added to the Wiki.


Balance and map changes


With the release we will also introduce changes to Isida and Freeze turrets.


  • Isida will no longer unfreeze or put out the fire on tanks. This change was needed because the famous Isida trains became absolutely indestructible for Freeze and Firebird turrets, while turrets of the same range and radius should be equally or comparably effective.
  • Freeze will gain a damage increase on all modifications. The turret needed to be more effective for a long time, and adding damage was inevitable.
  • Also spawn points and bases in Rugby mode will slightly change on some maps, and in Assault we’ll move a few of the flags around.


New kits in the Shop


With the restart new Kits will be added to the Shop:


  • “Second Coming” Kit — 3 new drones;
  • “Global Modulization” Kit — all M0 modules for beginner players;
  • “No to Close Combat!” — M3 modules against close range turrets;
  • “Mowgli” Kit — M3 modules against close range turrets;
  • “Quartet” Kit — M3 modules against middle range turrets;
  • “Anti-Camper” Kit — M3 modules against long range turrets.
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