Tanki Fund
Ultra Weekend June 24th – 26th



One more quest has been completed, and we’re ready to announce the winners:


  • With the result of 274 points the first place goes to tanker Alex. Alex will get 500 of each supply*, 100 Gold Boxes, 50 containers, drone of their choice**, a Dream Tank*** and prizes from our partners at Canyon: Despot mouse and Corax headset.
  • Second place was taken by tanker L-E-G-I-O-N-E-R with 228 points. Prizes: 400 of each supply, 40 Gold Boxes, 20 containers, drone of their choice** and prizes from Canyon: Hazard mouse and Fobos headset.
  • Third place is going to tanker K.a.t.e with 217 points and prizes: 300 of each supply, 30 Gold Boxes, 10 containers, drone of your choice** and prizes from Canyon: Tantive mouse and Star Rider headset.
  • 4th and 5th places were claimed by tankers DoLLIupak (207 points) and xX-NICE-Xx (193 points). They will get 250 of each supply, 20 Gold Boxes, 10 containers, drone of their choice** and prizes from Canyon: Corax mouse for both.
  • Places 6-10 are like this: killjet (190 points), 47x (188 points), mrpehenka49 (186 points), 95011 (182 points), Scorpion321 (180 points). Each of them will get 200 of each supply*, 20 Gold Boxes, 10 containers and drone of their choice**.
  • Next prize — 50 of each supply*, 10 Gold Boxes and 5 containers — is for all players, who got between 77 and 174 points. The list of names is on the Forum.
  • Tanker who scored from 20 to 76 points will get 20 of each supply.
  • And all participants who scored 15 points will get 10 of each supply.


Congratulations to the winners!


For tankers who didn’t complete the quest there are no prizes.


Thank you for playing!
The GAME will certainly return.


* — Double Damage, Double Armor, Speed Boost, Repair Kit, mines, batteries
** — in the maximum upgraded option
*** — Dream Tank is a fully upgraded tank with turret, hull and protection module of your choice and available at your current rank

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