Ultra Weekend May 13th – 15th



Birthday is the one truly special holiday of the year, and we invite you celebrate the special Tanki day with us! This year Tanki Online is turning 9 years old, and the traditional holiday for all tankers of the world will launch June 4th!


Join the celebration from 02:00 UTC June 4th till 02:00 UTC June 11th and find holiday decorations, Double Battle Funds, 2 special offers and deep discounts in the game!


Holiday decorations


  • For all 7 days in the game we’ve prepared:
  • Special holiday look for the Garage;
  • Holiday paint with a unique texture;
  • Holiday themed billboards on all maps;
  • Holiday themed parachutes for drops;
  • Holiday themed flags in CTF;
  • Holiday themed Gold Boxes;
  • Holiday themed drop zones for Gold Boxes;
  • New holiday themed gifts.



Double Battle Funds


And for full 7 days of the holiday, from 02:00 UTC on June 4th till 02:00 UTC June 11th, in all Matchmaking (non-PRO) battles you will earn double battle funds! This means you will get double the crystals for each finished battle!




Every holiday should be packed with discounts, and especially Tanki’s Birthday! Don’t miss the holiday sale that begins June 8th:


From 02:00 UTC June 8th till 02:00 UTC June 9th

  • –50% on items in the Shop.
  • Discount applies to crystals, kits, Gold Boxes, Premium and paints.


From 02:00 UTC June 9th till 02:00 UTC June 10th

  • –50% on items in the Garage.
  • Discount applies to turrets, hulls, modules, supplies and alterations.


From 02:00 UTC June 10th till 02:00 UTC June 11th

  • MicroUpgrades.
  • –50% on each MU step, –70% discount on each SpeedUp.


IMPORTANT: discounts do not apply to purchases and upgrades of XT-equipment, gifts, PRO Battle Pass, kits in the Garage, containers, clan license, Rename Pass, special offers, the minimum-sized packs of crystals, Premium and Gold Boxes.


Special Offers


From 02:00 UTC June 4th till 02:00 UTC June 11th, 2 new special offers will appear in the Shop, one of which includes a unique animated holiday paint. Don’t miss them!


Special Offer №1

  • 5 containers;
  • 300 of each supply (excluding Gold Boxes);
  • 100,000 crystals.


Special Offer №2

  • Animated paint (available only in this offer and in containers);
  • 15 containers;
  • 25,000 crystals.




Play Tanki and celebrate TO’s Birthday with friends in the game! 🙂

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