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Today we’re announcing the release of the update that will soon become one of the most massive events in the game’s history — Matchmaking.


We’ve been working on this update throughout the last year: launched open tests, collected feedback, fixed different bugs and issues. And now, finally, we’re crossing the finish line!


With the server restart 02:00 UTC on May 29th, a new mechanic for connecting players in standard battles will be released on live servers.


Here’re the main goals of Matchmaking:


  • provide fair conditions for all players in the battle (nobody can predict what map will be next, who will be on the enemy team, what equipment to use);
  • make it easy and simple to find battles;
  • create battles with equal team composition;
  • fill the teams from the start of the battle;
  • exclude the possibility of sending passive mults to the enemy team;
  • provide easy to use system to play with friends and clan members in groups.


And now we’ll tell in more detail what‘s coming to the game tomorrow.


Battle Fund


One of the most discussed subjects of MM is how battle funds will change after the update:


  • In Matchmaking it will be equally beneficial to play on any map — small or big.
  • Battle score for each tanker will grow faster when completing main objectives for the mode — capturing flags in CTF, capturing points in CP, etc.
  • In team battles the final reward for each player will depend more on a player’s role in the battle, and not on whether the player is on the winning or losing team. This way, tanker who is playing very well and finishes the battle with a large battle score will get a sizable reward, even if the tanker is on the losing side. It’ll be always worth it to finish battles.


Gold Boxes


Changes will also affect the way Gold Boxes are dropped. They no longer depend on how the battle fund grows and will drop with the same frequency on all ranks.


IMPORTANT: the rate of Gold Box drops and how battle funds are increased will be adapted in the first few days after the release. Small changes are possible.




First of all, starting from tomorrow only PRO-battles will remain in the Battle List. You will be able to join regular, non-PRO battles only by pressing the “Battle” button or through Matchmaking.


Second, Battle Fund indication will be removed from the interface of all standard, non-PRO battles. After the update Battle Fund will be calculated based on the outcome of the battle and no longer has a reason to be shown on the battle interface.


Team composition


During the development and testing of Matchmaking one question was asked most often: what will be the ideal maximum number of players in battles after Matchmaking is released? In the end, we decided to implement this decision: team battles will be played in 8 v 8 format, and for modes with one side 16 players will be able to join the battle.


Matchmaking system is designed in such a way, that battles start only with an equal team composition. This means, that teams will be full from the very start of the battle, and you won’t have to wait for opponents or teammates.




One more important feature of Matchmaking will be the creation of groups. A group is a temporary party of players, who enter Matchmaking battles as a single team. To create a group, players need to invite at least 1 other tanker from the Friends List or from the fellow clan members. Invited players will see a pop-up menu with an invitation to join the group.


Groups are an easy to use feature so you can play together with friends and clan members. You won’t need to look through the Battle List for a battle that has enough free spots for you and your friends — Matchmaking will do that for you.


You will be able to play in a group in all modes, excluding DM.


Be aware that all of the features detailed above apply only to standard, non-PRO battles and can be slightly changed during the first few weeks after the update. We will announce such changes separately.




In PRO-battles nothing will change, except that in private battles their battle fund will stop growing. Now private battles are dedicated to parkour, clan trainings, or cool rank-up videos.


We’ve decided to implement this specifically because of the recent cases of artificial growth of battle funds in private battles. It will no longer be possible to trick the system and rank up using that way.


To enter PRO-battles you will still need Premium subscription or PRO-Battle Pass, the cost of which will not change.


Launch the game tomorrow, check out Matchmaking on live servers and tell us what you think about the new featuresщт on the Forum!

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