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Ultra Weekend June 24th – 26th



Do you enjoy crushing enemies in team battles? Then we’ve got something new for you!


Today we’re very happy to announce partnership with the eSports platform ESL Play! This weekend ESL will launch a test series of tournaments in Tanki Online, and the first tournament begins 12:00 UTC on April 29th. All future matches will be played on Sundays till the end of May.


What is ESL?


ESL Play is a popular platform for eSports tournaments, and it supports a lot of games and different levels of skill.


The first series of tournaments in Tanki will be held for players with the rank Brigadier and up, all the way to Legend. In the future, tournaments for medium ranks and lower ranks are also possible.


Format and registration


The tournament will be played in CTF 5×5 format, and to participate in the tournament you need to find the minimum of 5 players, create a team and register for the event.


To enter ESL tournaments, you and all of your teammates must register on the official site. Then one member of the team must create a new team on the site and send an invitation to the other teammates.


To participate in the tournament you must enter your in-game nickname in Tanki Online. To do that, open the tournament site, choose one of the tournaments in the list, and then enter your nickname in the right field.


When all players on your team add their nicknames, the team will be eligible to register in the tournament.


11:30 UTC on April 29th tournament registration will be closed, and all team captains must check-in and confirm that their team is ready to play in the tournament. For this, you captain must go to the tournament page and press on the blue “Confirm” button.


Tournament grid and map choice


At 12:00 UTC tournament grid will be created, and all teams will be placed in random order. Now you must find your team in the bracket and press on the “VS” button to get all the info on the match and the map pick system.


When the map is decided, the team that is higher in the bracket will need to create a battle on the chosen map and post the link to it in the ESL chat for the match, which you can find at the bottom of the page. All battle settings can be found on the tournament info page.


Match preparation and results


Matches will consist of 2 rounds. At the end of each round both teams must take screenshots of the results with the final battle score.


Each round lasts for 15 minutes, 5 of which is dedicated to connecting and preparing for the battle. During preparation it is forbidden to destroy other players and to capture flags. When battle timer will show 10:12, all players must press on Delete and self-destruct.


If after 2 rounds the winners are not determined, an additional “tie-breaker” round will be played on the Sandal map. The rules for creating a tie-breaking battle are different from creating a regular battle and can be found on the tournament info page.


After the match ends, and regardless if you win or lose, you must upload screenshots of all rounds on the match page and confirm final battle score.


Here’s a short summary how the matches will be played:


  1. Map pick
  2. Battle creation, players connect
  3. Preparation
  4. Battle
  5. Saving results
  6. Second round (repeat 3, 4, 5)
  7. Tie-breaker (if necessary)
  8. Uploading screenshots, confirming the results


Questions and problems during the tournament


Specifically for helping with Tanki Online tournaments ESL has created a dedicated Discord channelIf you have any questions about the tournament — please join the ESL Tanki Online channel or send a ticket through the support form, administration team will be happy to help you. The link to the channel can be also found on the page for each match.


Join the official ESL Tanki Online Forum for discussing the tournament with other players, sharing your feedback and suggestions for future events!




For each tournament there are crystal prizes for Top  3 teams.


Show everyone your team is the best — join ESL Tanki Cup!

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