Ultra Weekend May 20th – 22nd



The most stellar holiday of Tanki has arrived, and this year, the skies are full of danger!


From restart on Thursday, 02:00 UTC April 12th till 02:00 UTC on Monday, April 16th join the annual celebration of brave space explorers with map decorations, Gold Boxes falling from the skies as meteorites, huge discounts on MUs as well a new animated paint and 3 special offers in the Shop!




From 02:00 UTC on April 12th till 02:00 UTC on April 16th all maps will have:


  • Space themed billboards
  • Space themed parachutes
  • Space themed flags
  • Space themed Gold Box skin
  • Space themed Gold Box drop zone



And if you equip the holiday paint your tank will be instantly ready to traverse the cosmos:

But don’t keep the holiday to yourself, share it with friends with thematic gifts!




The star of the holiday is the new meteorite mechanic for Gold Boxes — when first you hear the siren, it means you have 10 seconds before a meteorite will appear in the sky. When it drops, a huge explosion will happen, and it will destroy any tank, even if it’s under the effect of Double Armor, and a Gold Box or a container will appear in the drop zone!



NOTE: Gold Box meteorites will be active only in regular, non-PRO battles.


To launch the holiday event into high orbit, from 02:00 UTC April 12th till 02:00 UTC on April 16th in all regular, non-PRO battles Gold Boxes will drop 10 times more often! This means meteorites can fall from the sky at any minute.


And the best part is — Gold Boxes dropped by players will also be meteorites!


NOTE: Player summoned meteorites can be dropped in regular battles only.




Celebrate Cosmonautics Day with 3 days of big savings:


From 02:00 UTC April 12th till 02:00 UTC on April 13th Kits, Premium and crystals in the Shop will have a 30% discount.
NOTE: discounts do not apply to the minimal sized packs of crystals and Premium.


From 02:00 UTC April 12th till 02:00 UTC on April 13th Paints in the Shop will be 50% off.


From 02:00 UTC April 13th till 02:00 UTC on April 14th turrets, hulls, paints, modules and supplies in the Garage will have a 30% discount.


And from 02:00 UTC April 14th till 02:00 UTC on April 15th each MicroUpgrade step will have a 50% discount, with SpeedUps having a 70% discount!




For a special holiday we’ve prepared 3 different special offers and a new animated paint!



Holiday bundles will be available in the Shop from 02:00 UTC April 13th till UTC April 16th.


Special Offer 1 (15,99 USD):

  • 5 containers
  • 100,000 crystals
  • 300 of each supply (excluding Gold Boxes)


Special Offer 2 (59,90 USD):

  • 15 containers
  • 25,000 crystals
  • Unique animated paint (available only in this bundle and containers)


Special Offer 3 (24,90 USD):

  • 5 containers
  • 10,000 crystals
  • 50 Gold Boxes


Have a great Cosmonautics Day and a fantastic weekend! 

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