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Ultra Weekend June 24th – 26th



The first “War” event in the history of Tanki Online has ended, and the English community has won! The event was the most discussed topic on the Forum since January 2017 and the victory was achieved full 12 days after the start.


We congratulate all players of the EN faction, who fought tirelessly for the common triumph of the faction, ran undercover operations behind the enemy lines and coordinated the whole community in the EN Headquarters. Victory is rightfully yours!


We also thank all participants of the “War” for feedback on the event and suggestions how to improve it in the future. Already, event designers are collecting ideas for the next “War” and you can help architect the next War by posting in a special topic >>here<<.


The next “War” will start in several months and will have the rules designed by the community: administration will work on the new event together with tankers!


With the winners announced, we would also like to share the numbers behind the “War”.


The total number of participants in the event was 258 155, and it’s split between:


  • 135 735 for Team RU
  • 61 998 for Team EN
  • 35 339 for Team DE
  • 25 083 for Team PL


147 258 participants in total have completed at least 1 turn in the War — by voting on the event site, destroying 200 enemy tanks in Strategy phase, and by entering the game in Battle phase to destroy or be destroyed at least once.


During the full event, the total number of tanks destroyed was 54 451 672!


The main War topic on the Forum has 72 pages of debates, but true victory was achieved in the War Room.


With the end of the War, players will get more than 1 007 238 containers.


The prizes for the event will be sent to all participants later this week.



Thank you for playing and congratulations to Team EN — YOU WON THE WAR!

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