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Tomorrow, March 24th, a new update will be released in the game.


Gold Box Drops


After the test at the beginning of March we decided on the final delay between the Gold Box siren and when the Gold Box drops — now it’s 10 seconds. The update will apply both to the random Gold Box drops and to player supplies.


Shortening the delay we wanted to make Gold Boxes a more accessible event for most players and to reduce the amount of “idle” time in the battle.


New hull controls


Last weekend an open test of the new tank controls was held for everyone on the test servers. Thanks to the feedback of all players who took part in the test and our own observations, we understood, that this type of controls doesn’t fit all hulls the same way. In the end, the new controls will be applied to 4 hulls:


  • Wasp
  • Hunter
  • Titan
  • Mammoth


And other hulls — Hornet, Viking and Dictator — will keep the current model of controls. Hurry to test the updated tank controls after the restart on March 24th and tell us what you think!


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