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Ultra Weekend May 20th – 22nd



This issue of the War Herald is the last before the event starts, as the launch of a special site, faction paints and the War itself will come to the game very soon!


In the last issue we will share details about prizes and answer more questions about the rules of the War.


The War Spoils


In the previous issue we’ve answered some of the questions about how to win prizes in the War, let’s recap the main points:

  • All players who participate in the War will earn rewards;
  • The more turns you complete in the event, the bigger is your final prize;
  • On the global map there are special territories with one-time bonuses for the first faction that captured the territory;
  • Among prizes are containers and unique animated paint for the winners;
  • All prizes will be delivered when the War ends.

IMPORTANT: to receive prizes you need to confirm your vote during the Strategy phase and contribute to the overall faction kills during the Battle phase.


Completed turn is a turn, where you’ve made 200 kills or more in regular, non-PRO battles during 24 hours of the Strategy phase and voted for 2 territories to be attacked, 1 territory to be defended. Don’t forget, without confirming your vote by making 200 kills or more in Strategy phase, your contribution to faction progress during the Battle phase will not be counted and at the end of that turn your final prize will not increase.


Now, let’s get down to the real important topic — how big are the prizes.


Each player, regardless of faction or who wins in the War, at the end of the event will receive 3 containers for each completed turn.


Successful attack on a territory with one-time bonus will earn the attackers 10 containers, and attacking a territory with a big one-time bonus will earn the attackers 20 containers. The crucial part to receive the containers is that you need to confirm your vote during the Strategy phase of that day by making 200 kills or more and voting on the site. You will always see the size of the bonus on the global map on the event site.


Players of the winning faction in the War will receive a special, unique animated paint and 3 additional containers for each completed turn, meaning 6 per turn in total, but not exceeding the overall number of 100 container at the end of the event. And the best part — all tankers of the winning faction will enter a giveaway for a Dream Tank*!

*to be eligible for the Dream Tank giveaway you need to complete 5 turns or more


Start devising wartime strategies, choose faction leaders and pick first targets for the attack — the War is almost here!


And to help you gather the War officers and recruits in one place, we will soon open a new, limited-time Forum section for all discussions about the War.


Stay tuned.




Why only the EN, DE, PL and RU regions are participating in the War? Why not add all regions and all countries to the event?
In the European battle cluster of Tanki Online there are only 4 regions — the English, the German, the Polish and the Russian communities, meaning only these 4 regions are playing on the same servers. The global faction lines are drawn and transferred to the event without any political meaning, for the event to work right now we can run it only in 1 battle cluster and among already existing localisations.


Do I need to make kills and maintain high K/D on some specific maps in Tanki?
No. For your kills to count, you can play on any map in regular, non-PRO battles. The regions on the global map are named after maps only for convenience, you DON’T need to play on Kungur to vote for it.


Can it happen, that a faction will lose all of its territories, including the Capital?
Yes, it might happen, and the faction will be excluded from the rest of the War.


Do we have to defend our Capitals like regular territories?
Yes, you need to protect your Capital the same way as any conquered territory.


When the phases of each turn begin and end in real life?
Each phase lasts for 24 hours and begins with the server restart of that day at 02:00 UTC.


Are there breaks or pauses between the turns?
There are no breaks in War.


Which in-game stats will be counted towards completing objectives during the Battle phase?
Kills and deaths made in regular, non-PRO battles during the 24-hours period of the Battle phase (second part of the turn) will be counted.


How does it look? The brand-new animated paint made specially and only for the winners of the new global event the War?
Our artists are still working on the paint, and it takes so long to finish that we hope you will be very pleased with the final result, which we will share as soon as it’s ready.

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