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We see a lot of excitement around the event, and even more questions about how it works. This is the first time we are making such a massive event, and today we will share with you how the War will be played, answer questions about the Battle phase, rewards and more.


To remind you, the War is played in a turn-based format, where each turn lasts for 48 hours and consists of 2 phases — Strategy phase, and Battle phase.



Let’s recap the Strategy phase and its key moments:


  • Strategy phase is on for 24 hours;
  • During this phase, you need to vote for 2 territories to be attacked, and for 1 territory to be defended on a special site for the event;
  • You confirm your vote by destroying 200 enemy tanks or more during the Strategy phase (within 24 hours after the turn starts);
  • Important! If you don’t confirm your vote by making 200 kills, both your vote and the kills you make during the next phase will NOT be counted.


NOTE: You can play and destroy enemy tanks while wearing any paint, but you need to buy the faction paint once to be counted among the ranks of that faction.


After the Strategy phase comes time for action — the Battle phase!


Battle phase. The Rules


When Strategy phase ends and your faction has chosen which territories to attack and what territory to defend, players will receive battle missions. There are 2 kinds of battle missions:


The «Breach» scenario is applied when:

  • You need to capture neutral, unclaimed territories
  • You need to capture undefended territories of the enemy


In this scenario you need to make a certain number of kills together, as a faction. The specific number of required kills is calculated based on what region is the target, and how active your faction was during the Strategy phase. If you complete the missions, that territory will belong to you now.


The «Destruction» scenario is applied when:

  • You need to attack a defended enemy territory
  • You need to attack the same enemy territory with several factions


In this scenario one or more factions attack the same territory, or several factions battle for the territory that is defended by another faction. Among the attacking factions one will be chosen based on the highest average K/D, and that faction will capture the region.



K/D for the faction is calculated from the overall number of kills and deaths of all players for that faction, who completed and voted in Strategy phase and played during the 24 hours of the Battle phase.


Resources. The Rules


In the first issue of the War Herald we’ve shared that you need to collect resources to win. Each turn factions will get 1 point of each resource from their Capitals.



On the global map you will find regions with Survey Data Centers and Rocket Fuel Factories, capturing them will earn you one of the resources every turn. The income from the regions of the same type will be summarized. For example, a Capital, 2 Rocket Fuel Factories and 1 Survey Data Center will earn you 3 points of Rocket Fuel, and 2 points of Survey Data. To earn the resource you need to capture that type of region and hold it for 1 full turn.



Capitals can also be captured. If you lose your Capital, it will begin to earn resources for your enemies.



Check out the Forum announcement for more questions answered in the FAQ section!


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