New eSports 2022. First qualifying tournament



Faction paints are already in the Garage, and this means the War is almost here!


Purchase one of the faction paints, log into the event site after server restart on February 22nd and jump into battles!


NOTE: the War site will go live tomorrow, 02:00 UTC February 22nd, and you will find it >>here<<.


Here’s a quick recap how to participate in the event:


  1. Purchase a faction paint in the Garage.
  2. Log into the event site. You can use the login and password from your account in Tanki Online or using your Facebook account, if your game account is attached to it.
  3. Vote for 2 territories to attack and for 1 territory to defend on the site for the War.
  4. Make 200 kills or more in standard, non-PRO battles within 24 hours on any map, in any mode, using any equipment.
  5. On the next day play in standard, non-PRO battles, destroy as many enemy tanks as possible and avoid destruction.
  6. Repeat steps 3, 4 and 5 until the War is over.


We remind you, that the War is a global event in which 4 regions of the game — the English, the German, the Polish and the Russian communities — battle for supremacy on the map of a fictional world and collect resources to launch a Nuclear Rocket, located at the center of the map. Playing the War will earn you lots of containers, and if your faction wins — a unique animated paint, which will remain in Garages of all participants of the winning faction that made 5 turns or more until the next War.


The War is played in a turn-based format, where each turn lasts for 48 hours and consists of 2 phases – Strategy phase and Battle phase. To participate in the War, you need to buy a faction paint in the Garage for 100 crystals. The event will take place part on the special site for the War, which will be launched February 22nd, and to log into the site you can use your TO login and password.


Strategy phase:


  • Lasts for the first 24 hours of the turn;
  • During Strategy phase, you need to vote for 2 territories to attack and for 1 territory to defend on the event site;
  • You need to confirm your vote by making 200 kills or more in the game in standard, non-PRO battles (either before or after voting, but only during the Strategy phase);
  • If you don’t make 200 kills during Strategy phase, your vote and K/D will not be counted in the Battle phase of that turn.


Battle phase:


  • Lasts for the second part of the turn — also 24 hours;
  • During the Battle phase factions compete over territories that were voted by the players during the Strategy phase;
  • Depending on the choice your faction made, you will need to make enough kills together as a faction and/or maintain a high K/D, so you can capture a new territory or defend your own against invasion.
  • There are special territories with Survey Data Centers and Rocket Fuel Factories. If you capture such territories, they will begin to earn your faction respective resources — Survey Data and Rocket Fuel. Also, each turn all factions earn 1 point of both resources from their Capitals. The income from the identical regions is summarized.


To win the War, you need to complete ALL 3 goals:


  • Collect 10 points of each resource;
  • Capture the central region with the Nuclear Rocket;
  • Hold the territory with the Rocket for 1 full turn.


Prizes (for each participant):


  • 3 containers for each completed turn;
  • 10 or 20 containers for capturing a bonus territory (you need to vote and confirm your vote during the Strategy phase);
  • For winners in the War — additionally 3 containers for each completed turn (but no more than 100), unique animated paint and a chance to win a Dream Tank in a special giveaway (you need to complete 5 turns or more to be eligible).


Completed turn is a turn, during which you voted on the event site and made 200 kills or more in regular, non-PRO battles during 24 hours of the Strategy phase.


You can skip turns. You will be guaranteed to receive prizes for all completed turns, even if they were completed not after each other. But if your faction wins, additional prizes for winners will be delivered only if you completed 5 turns or more total during the War.


And remember: the more turns you complete, the more kills you make, the bigger is your final prize. War ahead, tankers!


You can find the full Event Rules on the Forum.


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