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Iron Days 2018



Tomorrow, February 23rd with the new update the Iron Holiday comes to Tanki Online!


Play Tanki during the Iron Days from 02:00 UTC February 23rd till 02:00 UTC February 26th and celebrate the holiday with map decorations, discounts and double battle funds!


Here’s what’s coming for Iron Days in 2018:


Holiday map decorations


  • Holiday billboards on all maps
  • Holiday parachutes for Gold Boxes
  • Holiday skin for Gold Boxes
  • Holiday drop zones for Gold Boxes
  • Holiday flags in CTF




  • Battle Socks
  • Binoculars
  • Iron Barrett



Holiday Paints


  • Holiday paint with a special texture (available only during the holiday, can not be purchased)
  • New animated paint Prodigy 2.0 (can be purchased with the special holiday bundle in the Shop or found inside containers)



Double Battle Funds


Also for the full duration of the holiday, from 02:00 UTC February 23rd until 02:00 UTC February 26th, Battle Funds in all regular, non-PRO battles will be doubled!


Special Offers


Two special holiday offers will appear in the Shop after server restart 02:00 UTC on February 24th and will remain in the game until 02:00 UTC February 26th. One of the bundles has lots of in-game items and the other — a new animated paint and 10 containers!


Special Offer 1:


  • New animated paint “Prodigy 2.0”;
  • 10 containers;
  • 25,000 crystals.


Special Offer 2:


  • 5 days of Premium;
  • 5 Gold Boxes;
  • 300 of each supply (except the Gold Boxes);
  • 100,000 crystals.


And, of course, the Iron Days are not the same without big discounts.




30% discount on items in the Shop will be active from 02:00 UTC February 23rd until 02:00 UTC February 24th, and it applies to crystals, Premium, Gold Boxes, Paints, Kits, and — for the first time — Rename Pass!


50% discount on items in the Garage will be active from 02:00 UTC February 24th until 02:00 UTC February 25th, and it applies to turrets, hulls, modules, alterations, paints and supplies.


50% discount on MicroUpgrades and 70% discount on SpeedUps in the Garage will be active from 02:00 UTC February 25th until 02:00 UTC February 26th.


NOTE: Discounts are not applied to purchasing and upgrading XT-equipment, gifts, PRO Battle Pass, kits in the Garage, Clan License, Special Offers in the Shop and the minimum sized packs of crystals, days of Premium and Gold Boxes.

Don’t miss the celebration and Happy Iron Days, tankers!