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Ultra Weekend June 24th – 26th



A month ago we’ve added containers to the game, and you’ve probably opened at least one. Containers have a lot of cool items, but the most wanted are always the rare paints.


We hear it’s impossible to have too many, and with server restart 02:00 UTC January 27th containers will be updated with 23 absolutely new paints!


The best news are — 3 of them are new, stunningly animated paints that will leave any battlefield staring in surprise at your lucky reward.


NOTE: All of the 23 new paints can be found only in containers, and will not be available for purchase from the Shop or from the Garage.


Check out the preview of the 3 animated paints:



And here are all of the new paints:



And that’s not all of the surprises we’ve prepared for you!


Weekend Discounts


From 02:00 UTC January 27th until 02:00 UTC January 29th, Gold Boxes will drop 5x more often in all regular, non-PRO battles! Don’t forget, Black Boxes with containers inside sometimes drop instead of Gold Boxes in all regular, non-PRO battles and it will be the only way to get the new paints.


From 02:00 UTC January 27th until 02:00 UTC January 28th, crystal packs in the Shop will have -30% discount*, and on Sunday, from 02:00 UTC January 28th until 02:00 UTC January 29th, Micro-Upgrades will have -25% discount and Speed-Ups will be -50%!


*crystal pack discounts do not apply to the minimal package of crystals


Have a great weekend and good luck, tankers! 🙂

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