Ultra Weekend May 20th – 22nd

Happy New Year, tankers!


January, holidays and The GAME are the perfect mix for a few winters already, and today welcome the traditional New Year quest in Tanki Online! Every participant in The GAME can win supplies, Gold Boxes and a Dream Tank*. This time, prizes will also include containers, and the overall winner of The GAME will receive a cool mechanical keyboard Marvo K945!


The GAME quest will run from January 4th till January 8th.


For those who are new to the challenge, The GAME is a series of puzzles and riddles that you need to solve during 5 days. Each day, at 9:00 AM UTC a new video will be released, in which all participants need to find a new clue and, by solving all tasks of the day, figure out the keyword for that day.



To participate in The GAME you need to register on the special site. To register, you need to have the rank of Sergeant or higher and have an active email attached to your account.


IMPORTANT! The GAME website does NOT ask for your account password!


To log into the special site you need to input the unique code you will receive in your email, and please check the “Spam” inbox if you didn’t receive the code yet.


Every participant of The GAME earns contest points by completing quest tasks on each day. How many points did you collect when the contest ends will determine your prize. Each day a contestant has only 1 chance to enter keyword of the day.


The first contestant who will submit the right answer will get 100 points. The second — 99, the third — 98 and so on, and the contestant number ninety and everyone else who submit the right answer will get 10 points each. If you submit a wrong answer, you can submit the correct answer on the last, 5th day of The GAME. Late answers will earn you 5 points each.


Your personal score will be revealed on January 8th after entering all 5 keywords.




  • Contestant who earns the maximum number of score point will get 1000 of each supply**, 100 Gold Boxes, 50 containers, any paint from the Shop, a Dream Tank and a mechanical keyboard from our partners Marvo K945.
  • 2nd—10th places will get 500 of each supply**, 20 Gold Boxes, 10 containers, any paint from the Shop and 1 alteration of their choice in the game.
  • 11th—100th places — 100 of each supply**, 10 Gold Boxes and 5 containers.
  • Everyone who did NOT make it into Top 100, but has earned 30 score points or more will get 20 of each supply**.
  • Tankers who earned 25 point will get 10 of each supply**.
  • If you didn’t submit all 5 correct keywords, there is no prize.




  • Registration starts — 9:00 AM, January 3rd.
  • The GAME starts — 9:00 AM, January 4th.
  • Registration for The GAME ends on the final, 5th day — 9:00 AM UTC, January 8th.
  • All keyword submissions will be closed 9:00 PM, January 8th.
  • The winners will be announced and prizes will be delivered January 10th.

Discuss the contest on the Forum and good luck in The GAME, tankers! 🙂


*Dream Tank is a tank with a Turret, Hull and Protection Module of your choice available at your current Rank, fully upgraded, including XT items.
**Excluding Gold Boxes

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