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From the official Administration of Tanki Online, we would like to announce and congratulate a very special group.


A group of dedicated, tireless and hardworking players, who took upon themselves to help fellow tankers every day.


The Helpers of the Year


The following Helpers have been selected as the Best of 2017 due to their exceptional contribution towards the EN community:


Maf – Maf is always looking for ways to improve the forum in general and his precious Ideas and Suggestions section in particular. Without his hard work, that section would be nowhere close to what it is today. Due to his long experience in and vast knowledge of the game, he continues to provide great quality work.That’s makes him a valuable member of the forum moderation team.


Ninja – Ninja is youngest forum team member, but that doesn’t make him any less responsible. His eagerness to help the community is impressive. Apart from keeping the forum a fun and friendly place, he is one of the masterminds behind some of the toughest questions in the Tanki Thinking Challenge. On top of that, he takes care of showing forum moderator candidates the ropes.


Hate – Hate has been an unstoppable force from day one. He thoroughly enjoys interacting with other players and he is always looking for new challenges. From learning the ins and out of the I&S section to guiding new candidates. And unlike his name implies, he’s very kind and helpful, which makes him so good at what he does. He did all of this while also excelling in the Events team, first as event helper and later as event organizer. Hate invested a lot of time and effort into developing the events and he brought the live-streaming crew specialized for the events to life.


DarkOperative – DarkOperative is a hard-working person, this year he focused more than anything else on eSports. He helped in most of the tournaments, especially in Duet Masters and Ranking Cups. He was capable of handling both tournaments at the same time. Behind the scenes he spent several hours, even late at night, to make sure that the players always received the announcement and information regarding the tournaments in time.


Momma_Bear – Momma has been active on the chat throughout the whole year and the players are quite fond of the way she solves issues and shows patience even with the most problematic offenders. Few knows that she lent a helping hand to other teams too – she also worked as an eSports commentator for a short while. A real asset to EN community, Momma_Bear definitely deserves this title.


rommeltanki – Everyone on the chat knows rommeltanki – a best helper of the year 2016 and one of the nicest chat moderators by popular vote, always eager to help players with their issues and to answer their questions. His dedication to this project and its players got him the title of the best helper for this year too.


Hny93 – It would be hard not to nominate Hny93 for this year’s best chat helper. He is always eager to help his team-mates and candidates, he follows instructions of his admins to the letter and was among the most active chat moderators in 2017 despite his often tiring and stressful real life job. His main achievement, however, is to accept and learn from his mistakes and make the best of such experience in order to help the community.


joostcool – As an administrator, joostcool has definitely changed eSports in the English community. He set a goal, assembled a team and managed to achieve that goal. He worked hard to bring eSports back to life, by implementing a rating system for clans and by organizing new tournaments. During his time as eSports administrator, he put eSports in our community back on the map.


Winner_Of_Turkey – Almost always available for work, helped train several candidates, the first (and current) FB events/contests organizer (inc. drafting plans, rules, docs, etc. for them). He almost singlehandedly rewamped official Tanki Facebook page and helped making it modernized and popular.


Sia – As someone who’s been working on the Help Site for over two years, Sia has managed to become the “face” of the site and a worthy candidate for the best helper of the year, for her contributions both on the Help Site and on other platforms of the game.


Nikk – Nikk is one of the most exceptional helpers of the community. Although mostly known for his public work for the Events as an Admin and after his retirement as Event Organizer, his true work was what he did in the background – for example, his involvement with the Community Streams and his work on Master of Parkour. Although he is often very impulsive and never holds his opinion back, in his heart he is grateful and will never refuse to help others.


Kurt – Kurt is one of a kind: he has the passion, the spirit…he made sure that the players always received an answer on the forum, making it his own priority. It was always nice to talk with him, he is a very cheerful person. He is active in both Events and eSports sections on the forum and he’s interacting with players with all the time he has. He is a perfect model for players to follow and also for those that aspire to be helpers.


Lucifer – Despite his name, he’s a real angel. Lucifer always has time aside from his duties as Event Organiser and eSports Official, to take care of every question, problem or request, no matter how unimportant they might seem. Although he always focuses on the players, he is a force to be reckoned with within the Event Organisation and he brought many changes and updates to Events. But his biggest merit must have been writing and correcting the larger part of the English topics, announcements and news messages in the chat that are used for the Events every day.


CooperO – Taking over the administration of the forum which previous admin all but abandoned would be a heavy task for any person, but CooperO did such task admirably! She thought of ways to improve the content of the forum and boost the number of its visitors, all the while cooperated with other admins and helped them with their tasks, thus having a huge part in making EN community the best there is.


SkeletorXVIII – Fabian has been the immaculate example of German spirit, precise and punctional event mechanism and many more characteristics the current CM can add here. Most importantly, he worked a lot, to bring not only daily events to players, but also tirelessly maintenained all of the behind the curtains data, schedules and organizational side of Events that is impossible to be done by a single human. Luckily, Torben_BoS remains the best cadindate to dethrone Fabian, one day. Good luck to both!


M4jH0L-AFG – As said in the description of his achievements for the last year, M4JH0L has been one of the helpers who have been instrumental in getting things moving in the community during this year as well. Always eager to help and being at the right place at the right time, he’s been someone you can easily rely on – be it chat administration, logistics, checkups or a backup of an event. He is truly one of the most dedicated helpers in EN community.


Congratulations to Helpers of the Year 2017!


P.S. The descriptions above are written by fellow helpers and admins, who know each person far better than current CM, but I would personally vouch for each and every one!


This year, the Administration would also like to mention following players for their contribution to the English Community:




P.P.S. Helpers are a part of the English community, and we also want to thank and recognize regular players, who, bearing no official title and powers, help Tanki community throughout the year. Thank you. From me, and from all on the Administration team.


Happy New Year, everyone! 🙂