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Ultra Weekend May 20th – 22nd



The winter holidays are officially here, spend the weekend in Tanki Online and bring New Year even closer with a Frosty event and cool prizes!


Frosty Weekend


From 21:00 UTC on Friday, December 22nd till 20:59 UTC on Sunday, December 24th you will need to destroy enough tanks in regular, non-PRO battles within 48 hours.


The kills you make during the event will be shown on a special site here! And now the number of your kills and Top 10 players will be updated twice every hour.


First few hours Top 10 on the site will be empty, but after 10+ players get enough kills, you will see the list updated. And as before, just type the name in the search bar — get the kills.

NOTE: The info on the site is updated twice every hour. If you check your progress right after battle, it will not be updated yet, come back later!


Don’t forget, the more kills you make, the bigger are the prizes, and this time we have very special rewards for all Kill Tiers:


  • Kill Tier 1: 400 – 799 kills – 3 Containers*
  • Kill Tier 2: 800 – 1999 kills – 5 Containers + 3 days of Premium* + chance to win Dream Tank
  • Kill Tier 3: 2000+ kills – 10 Containers + 5 days of Premium* + Kodiak T-A Protection Module (Firebird, Railgun, Thunder) + chance to win Dream Tank


*Please make sure you read the terms and conditions as they contain very important information about the contest.


Destroy 400 tanks or more from 21:00 UTC on Friday, December 22nd till 20:59 UTC on Sunday, December 24th and you will get holiday containers!

NOTE: As always, kills are counted only in regular, NON-PRO battles.


Additionally, among all tankers who make more than 800 kills we’ll be randomly choosing 2 lucky players who will receive a Dream Tank (chosen Turret, Hull and Protection Module available at their level, fully upgraded, including XT items).


The names of the lucky winners will be announced on Tuesday, December 26th.


Have a great weekend!


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