Ultra Weekend January 14th – 16th



With the restart 02:00 UTC December 28th, the following changes are coming to the game:


Changes to Assault mode


The way score is added in Assault mode will be reworked. After the update the Blue Team will receive score points for destroying enemy tanks (same as TDM), and not from controlling the point on the map. With these changes, you can help your team in any part of the map and with any equipment! The goal of the mode and how score points are added for the Red Team will remain the same.


New effects when opening containers


With the server restart on December 28th new color coded effects will be added to the game when opening containers. The better item you get in the container, the cooler effects you’ll see when it appears, and colors for the effects will also depend on rarity:


  • White — common items (small sets of bonuses);
  • Green — uncommon items (medium sets of bonuses);
  • Blue — rare items (bigger sets of bonuses, paints from the Garage);
  • Purple — epic items (paints from the Shop);
  • Gold — legendary items (very rare paints, unavailable for purchase).


X3 rewards for completing mission chains


Increased rewards for completing daily mission chains for now will stay in the game. We will inform about any changes to the rewards in a separate announcement at a later date.


Play Tanki on December 28th, try the updated Assault mode and tell us what you got from the containers on the Forum!

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