Ultra Weekend May 20th – 22nd



You certainly heard about our plans to update the battle maps created through the Lobby. Good news! Updated maps will appear in the game tomorrow, after the server restart at 02:00 UTC December 1st.


Battles on the updated maps will allow for up to 20 players (10×10 for team modes). At the moment we think this number of players is optimal for regular battles. After the release we will monitor the situation and, possibly, change the player limit if necessary.


To make the new versions of the maps better for playing in 10×10 format, we made some changes to the landscape on some of them.


Updated maps will appear only in battles made through the Lobby by pressing “Play!” on the mode you choose. You won’t see the new maps in PRO-battles yet; we don’t want to overload the list with 24 additional maps most of which, probably, will be left unplayed. Instead, we encourage you to try out the new maps in regular battles and share your feedback with us, what you liked and what you didn’t like in the updated versions. After we analyze what maps are the most popular, we will include them in the PRO-battles.


This way, in PRO-battles you will see the previous versions of the maps with the previous setting, and, of course, all of the maps that were not changed by the update, and in the regular battles you will see only the new maps from the list below.


The list of 24 updated maps:


  • Aleksandrovsk — summer and winter (no visible changes)
  • Barda — summer and winter (no visible changes)
  • Brest — summer and winter (removed entrances behind the bases)
  • Bridges — summer and winter (concrete blocks added in a few spots)
  • Desert — summer only (no visible changes)
  • Forest — summer and winter (removed the hole in the middle of the map)
  • Future — summer only (no visible changes)
  • Highland — summer and winter (both bases revamped, added new territories)
  • Highways — summer and winter (the size of the bases slightly reduced)
  • Industrial Zone — summer and winter (small changes to several parts of the map, removed the tunnel below the building with the destroyed roof)
  • Iran — summer only (no visible changes)
  • Kungur — summer and winter (no visible changes)
  • Massacre — summer and winter (the map increased in length with the additional territories for both bases)
  • Osa — summer and winter (added new ramp to the central platform)
  • Polygon — summer and winter (many changes to the perimeter areas of the map)
  • Red Alert — summer and winter (slightly increased the size of some pathways)
  • Rio — summer only (increased the base territories, the Red flag moved down)
  • Serpuhov — summer and winter (concrete blocks added in a few spots)
  • Silence — summer only (extended the territory for both bases)
  • Solikamsk — summer and winter (territory reduced with the removal of narrow pathways at the sides of the map)
  • Tribute — summer and winter (concrete blocks added in a few spots, new building in the middle of the map, ramp added to the hill off the side of the long bridge, some pathways expanded)
  • Wolfenstein — summer and winter (areas blocked to the side of the ramps to the castle walls)
  • Year 2042 — summer and winter (territory narrowed on the right side of the map close to the Red flag)
  • Yorkshire — summer and winter (brand new map)


X3 rewards for completing mission chains

In the last 6 months the rewards for completing daily mission chains were 3 times bigger than usual. If you completed at least 1 mission every day during this period, after a full week of completing missions you would get X3 rewards!


At first, we made this increase for summer only, and then extended the event until the end of autumn, and are now happy to share that X3 rewards will remain in the game until the end of the year! What will happen to them after the end of the year we will share later.


NOTE: increased rewards DO NOT affect the rewards for the missions themselves.


Jump into the game after the restart, check out the new maps and tell us what you think on the Forum!