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HallowMINE winners announced



The most creative event of Halloween is now over, and after careful deliberations among the judges we have picked the winners:


1. izrak14live
(animated paint «Nightmare» + 1000 mines + 30 Gold Boxes + 10 days of Premium)


2. Adeligator
(500 mines + 20 Gold Boxes + 5 days of Premium)


3. l3aidu
(300 mines + 10 Gold Boxes + 5 days of Premium)


Congratulations to the best artists of Halloween!


We would also like to award consolation prizes to:


(100 mines + 5 Gold Boxes)

Devil3_EN (picture)

W-h-o (picture)

xMAGIKx (picture)

N-A-H (picture)

janis_22 (picture)

Heart (picture)

fase_o_retorno (picture)

Ace.Of.Hearts (picture)

abdoux (picture)

Mr_FaBuLouS (picture)


Thank you all for participating in HallowMINE!


The prizes will be sent Nov 7th, at 18:00 UTC.


Until the next Halloween, and…

Spook you later.