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In just a few hours the most anticipated event for all who carefully save up arrives in Tanki Online — the Black Friday! On this day nobody is safe from falling to the shopping craze, especially when you know what discounts and special offer are coming to the Shop, including a couple of surprises — a new animated paint and containers with rare items!




From 02:00 UTC November 24th till 02:00 UTC November 25th a full 24 hours of discounts will be active in the Shop, with sales up to 50% off!


Discounts will apply to crystal packs, Premium, Gold Boxes, paints and kits, including the supplies kit, and containers.


NOTE: discounts in the Shop do not apply to special offers, clan license and Rename pass.


Full list of discounts:


  • 30% sale on crystals;
  • 30% sale on Premium (except 1 day of Premium);
  • 20% sale on Gold Boxes (except 1 Gold Box);
  • 50% sale on paints in the Shop;
  • 30—40% sale on equipment kits in the Shop;
  • 30% sale on the Supplies kit in the Shop;
  • 20% on containers.


Special offer and new animated paint


From 02:00 UTC November 24th till 02:00 UTC November 27th a new special offer will be available in the Shop for a limited time. Special offer contains:


  • New animated paint «Spectre» — unique paint that changes its color;
  • 5 days of Premium;
  • 5 Gold Boxes;
  • 500 of each supply (excluding Gold Boxes);
  • 25.000 crystals.


Curious how the new paint looks? Check it out below!



The above is a speed up video of how the paint changes the color.


And here’s the in-game speed of how Spectre changes:





Now for something truly surprising in Tanki Online! Only from 02:00 UTC November 24th till 02:00 UTC November 27th buy new containers in the Shop and get in-game items!


By opening a container, you will find one of the following items, chosen randomly:


  • 3500 crystals pack
  • 10.000 crystals pack
  • 125x «Speed Boost» supplies;
  • 125x «Mine» supplies;
  • 125x «Double Armor» supplies;
  • 125x «Double Damage» supplies;
  • 125x «Repair Kit» supplies;
  • 100x of all supplies (excluding Gold Boxes);
  • 2 days of Premium;
  • 4 days of Premium;
  • A set of 5 Gold Boxes;
  • One of the paints available in the Garage*;
  • One of the paints available in the Shop*;
  • One of the legendary paints no longer available for purchase anywhere else*
    («Flow», «Nightmare», «Moonwalker», «Eternity» or «Red Suit»);
  • New animated paint «Spectre».


* from the paints you don’t have on your account


Containers will be available for purchase in packs under the «Containers» tab in the Shop:


  • 1 container: 1.49 USD;
  • 10 containers: 13.99 USD;
  • 25 containers: 29.99 USD.


Don’t miss your chance to buy containers with a 20% discount on the first day of the event — November 24th!


But that’s not all of the surprises.


During the whole event, from 02:00 UTC November 24th till 02:00 UTC November 27th Gold Boxes that drop in the game will become black, and instead of crystals, inside you will find 1 container. The chance for the Black Box to drop is the same as the Gold Box now.


NOTE: Gold Boxes dropped by players will have the regular texture and contain 1000 crystals inside.


Don’t miss the discounts, open containers and catch your own luck!

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