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It’s finally time for sales to rise from the dead and golden pumpkins to rain from the sky — it’s time for Halloween!


Halloween events will be in the game until 02:00 UTC on November 6th, and here’s what awaits you during the spooky holiday:


Holiday Decorations


Thematic Gold Boxes and their dropzones, parachutes and billboards will stay in the game during all Halloween celebrations. Join the holiday madness — equip special holiday paint and spread the fear among the enemies! Don’t forget to send your friends Halloween candy.


During the celebration you can buy the holiday paint with crystals, and it will remain in your Garage, forever.


Holiday Map and Missions


From 02:00 UTC on October 28th and until 02:00 UTC on November 6th play on the special holiday map, that looks like a chilling graveyard at night. And from 02:00 UTC on October 31st you can get a special mission to earn experience on the holiday map, with increased difficulty and rewards. And the rewards for this mission will be Gold Boxes.


We’ll also add a special button in the Lobby, that will enter you into battles only on the Halloween map.



NOTE: Holiday mission and the special Halloween map will be removed at 02:00 UTC on November 6th, make sure you collect the rewards for the mission or they will be gone.


Discounts in the Shop


From 02:00 UTC October 28th until 02:00 UTC October 29th most of the items in the Shop will be on sale with 20% and 50% discounts.

Discounts include crystal packs, Premium (excluding 1 Day Premium), Gold Boxes (excluding 1 Gold Box), paints and kits, including the Supplies kit.

NOTE: discounts in the Shop do not include special offers, clan license and Rename Pass.


Discounts in the Garage


From 02:00 UTC October 29th until 02:00 UTC November 3rd turrets, hulls, protections modules, alterations and paints will be on sale with 50% off! Discount for each category of items will be active for 1 day. Gifts and supplies will be on sale with 50% off almost all of the holiday event  — from 02:00 UTC October 29th until 02:00 UTC November 6th. Oh and on November 3rd you will get 50% off beginning MicroUpgrades and 70% on speed-ups!


Find the full Discounts calendar below.


NOTE: discounts in the Garage do not include the Supplies kit, and purchasing or upgrading XT-equipement.


Gold Boxes and Battle Funds


From 02:00 UTC October 31st until 02:00 UTC November 1st Gold Boxes in all battles, including PRO-battles and battles on the Halloween map, will drop 10 TIMES more often! The value of the Gold Boxes will remain standard — 1000 crystals.


And from 02:00 UTC November 4th until 02:00 UTC November 5th all regular (non-PRO) battles will have TRIPLE battle funds!


Don’t miss your chance to score big!


Special offers


From 02:00 UTC October 29th until 02:00 UTC November 6th you will find 2 special offers at the same time in the Shop, and one of them will include the coolest animated paint — probably the most terrifying paint in Tanki history — «Nightmare»!



Special offer №1 — 59.90 USD:

  • New animated paint;
  • 5 days of Premium;
  • 5 Gold Boxes;
  • 500 of each supply (excluding Gold Boxes);
  • 25 000 crystals.


Special offer №2 — 15.99 USD:

  • Halloween Holiday paint (also available for purchase with crystals in the Garage);
  • 3 days of Premium;
  • 3 Gold Boxes;
  • 100  of each supply (excluding Gold Boxes);
  • 100 000 crystals.


Happy Halloween!


Check the Forum thread for the full Event and Discounts calendar.

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