Ultra Weekend May 13th – 15th



The fall is in full bloom, and this weekend will be perfect to spend it in the heat of battle!


Destroy enemy tanks in regular (non-PRO) battles and win Gold Boxes, days of Premium, the “Mint” paint from the Shop and one of the 2 Dream Tanks in a special giveaway! Dream Tanks are fully upgraded tanks with the best turret, hull, and protection module in the maximum available modification at your rank, even XT-gear.


To win more often, it’s not enough to play good, you’ll also need to upgrade your gear well! This weekend don’t miss the chance to earn a ton of crystals and upgrade your tank to the max, using the new discounts for Garage and Shop items, including a new special offer, and by claiming the double battle funds in all non-PRO battles!


Details and Prizes


Kills for the crazy weekend will be counted from 21:00 UTC on Friday, October 13th, till 20:59 UTC on Sunday, October 15th.


You will need to destroy enough tanks in regular, non-PRO battles within 48 hours. The more kills you make, the bigger are the prizes:


  • Kill Tier 1: 400 – 799 kills – 3 Gold Boxes*
  • Kill Tier 2: 800 – 1999 kills – 5 Gold Boxes + 3 days of Premium*
  • Kill Tier 3: 2000+ kills – 10 Gold Boxes + 5 days of Premium* + the “Mint” paint from the Shop*


Tankers who make enough kills during the event will be guaranteed** to receive the prizes for their kill tier, and among all tankers who make more than 800 kills we will run a special giveaway for 2 Dream Tanks! Read the full contest rules below.


*Please make sure you read the terms and conditions as they contain very important information about the contest.
**except gold boxes for players with a rank lower than Warrant Officer 1.


Two players will win a Dream Tank


Additionally, we’ll be randomly choosing two tankers who have made more than 800 kills and who will receive a Dream Tank (chosen Turret, Hull and Protection Module available at their level, fully upgraded, including XT items).

The nicknames of the lucky winners will be announced on Tuesday, October 17th.


Discounts in the Shop on Saturday


From 02:00 UTC on Saturday, October 14th, till 02:00 UTC on Sunday, October 15th most of the items in the Shop will be on sale with 20%-50% discounts.


Discounts include Premium (except 1 day Premium), Gold Boxes (except 1 Gold Box), paints and kits, including the Supplies kit. Please be aware that there will be no sales on crystal packs this time.


NOTE: Discounts in the Shop do not include special offers, Clan license and Rename Pass.


Discounts in the Garage on Sunday


From 02:00 UTC on Sunday, October 15th, till 02:00 UTC on Monday, October 16th get turrets, hulls, protection modules, alterations, paints, supplies and gifts with a 30% discount, and upgrade your equipment with a 25% discount on start and 50% on speeding up.


NOTE: Discounts do not include supplies kit, and purchasing or upgrading XT-gear.


Special offer


From 02:00 UTC on Saturday, October 14th, till 02:00 UTC on Monday, October 16th you will find a special offer in the Shop that will include:


  • 5 days of Premium
  • 5 Gold Boxes
  • 500 of each supply (excluding Gold Boxes)
  • 50000 crystals


Double Battle Funds for 48hrs


And finally, the cherry on top. All throughout the weekend, from 02:00 UTC on Saturday, October 14th, till 02:00 UTC on Monday, October 16th, we’ll be having double battle funds in all non-PRO battles. That’s 100% extra funds for every battle you finish!


So, get ready to blow up tons of your enemies this weekend. Awesome prizes await!


Terms and Conditions

  • None of the prizes may be exchanged for crystals, other prizes or money
  • Gold Boxes will only be awarded to players ranked Warrant Officer 1 or higher during the giveaway.
  • The rewards for each tier do not add up. Therefore, players will be able to get a maximum of 10 Gold Boxes throughout the giveaway. The same applies to Premium days.
  • The kills must be made in regular, non-PRO battles joined by pressing the «Battle» button, or in non-PRO battles picked from the battle list.
  • Kills in PRO Battles will NOT count.
  • Kills will be counted from 21:00 UTC on Friday, October 13th, till 20:59 UTC on Sunday, October 15th.
  • The winners of the Dream Tanks will be drawn randomly using a random number generator on Tuesday, October 17th.
  • Dream Tanks winners will be contacted after the giveaway so that they can choose their preferred combo.
  • Regular Tier prizes (Golds, Premium and Modules) will be handed out within 48 hours of the end of the giveaway.
  • Premium Account time will be activated as soon as it is added to players’ accounts.
  • All results will be announced on Tuesday, October 17th.
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