Tanki Fund
Ultra Weekend June 24th – 26th



Once a year a special day comes—a holiday we proudly call professional—and it’s finally here!


From 02:00 UTC September 9th till 02:00 UTC September 11th celebrate Tanker’s Day with:


  • New holiday paint
  • New Premium paint
  • 3 new gifts
  • x5 gold box drops
  • Holiday decorations on all maps
  • Holiday missions with increased rewards
  • Huge sale on Garage and Shop items
  • New paints, new gifts


New paints, new gifts


Equip a special holiday paint for free and roll among the jungle, and if you want to keep the paint it will be available in the Garage for 120,000 crystals until September 11th.


We’ve also added a new premium paint that can only be acquired by purchasing the special Holiday bundle and 3 new gifts—each a perfect surprise for your friends on Tanker’s Day.



NOTE: Holiday bundle will be available for purchase in the Shop from 02:00 UTC September 9th till 02:00 UTC September 11th, don’t miss yours!


Celebration on every map


Play any map on Tanker’s Day and you will discover a festive overhaul—holiday parachutes, billboards, flags, gold boxes and gold drop zones. Start a holiday photoshoot!


X5 Gold box drops


During the celebration gold boxes will drop 5 times more often, and they will cost the same as on a regular day. Maximize your gold income!


Holiday missions


From 02:00 UTC September 9th till 02:00 UTC September 11th complete special holiday missions that are harder, but also have bigger rewards than the usual daily missions.


Here’s what you’ll need to do:


  • Destroy X number of enemies with the holiday paint equipped
  • Deliver X number of flags in CTF mode with the holiday paint equipped
  • Capture X points in CP mode with the holiday paint equipped


NOTE: Holiday missions will be added to the general mission pool. They have to be completed and missions rewards claimed before 02:00 UTC on September 11th.


Tanker’s Day Holiday bundle


We’ve also prepared a special Holiday bundle in the Shop which includes:


  • New Premium paint (available only in this bundle)
  • 7 days of Premium
  • 5 Gold Boxes
  • 200 of each supply (excluding Gold Boxes)
  • 160 000 crystals


NOTE: Holiday bundle is available for 24.99USD from September 9th until September 11th.


Tanker’s Day SALE


The best we’ve saved for last—a big sale on the Shop and Garage items!

Go to the official forum thread for the full list of discounts.



Have a great Tanker’s Day, everyone!


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