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Weekend Giveaway with hot prizes and 1.5X Funds!

The winners of the special prizes for the weekend giveaway were announced earlier today in a livestream. If you missed it, you can watch the recording below.




If you’d rather see the nicknames of the winners directly, here they are:



Dream Tank: fadd333

«Flow» animated paint: M-A-4-E_X-A


HyperX Headset: walker007_BR

HyperX Mouse: WandeReR-xD

HyperX Keyboard: Bielaczek


Additionally, you can check out the complete list of players who made it into the kill tiers here.


Here are the official stats:


400-799 kills: 12,065 players

800-1999 kills: 5,475 players

2000+ kills: 1,996 players


The player with the most kills is ll-TonyHawk-ll with a whopping 7988 kills.


We’ve also added a special page where you can input your nickname and see the number of kills you made. The page is here.


We hope you had a great time with this weekend giveaway. Keep your eyes on the news because there are more coming!