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Are you having a good time with the new «Space» low gravity map mode we implemented especially for Cosmonautics Day?



If you are, then we’ve got some great news for you. «Space» mode is going to remain in the game, even after the Cosmonautics Day celebrations end!


You might remember that the Moon Silence map, which featured low gravity, had been removed a few years ago because of all the cheating that use to happen on it. However, we’ve just updated our anti-cheat system, which means we can now bring this feature back into the game.


Additionally, «Space» mode can only be activated in PRO-battles, so even if cheaters manage to find loopholes in the system, the consequences won’t be as serious as before, and you will be able to avoid them by staying out of such battles.


So, keep having fun with the new «Space» map mode, and if you manage to come up with something crazy, don’t forget to make a video and share it!

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