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Ultra Weekend June 24th – 26th



Over the past two weeks, we’ve been closely following the discussion about M3 equipment upgrades on our forums and chat.


We’ve also had an in-depth look at our analytics, to assess the impact of pricing for M3 equipment on the game’s economy. We took into consideration crystal acquisition and spending trends in the game and how the two balance out.


Our observations have shown us that we are now in a position to make some significant changes to high level equipment upgrades. This was a very delicate decision to make, because while we want the game’s milestones to be achievable, we don’t want them to be too easy, nor too hard.


Therefore, we have decided to make some additional revisions to M3 equipment prices for upgrades and speed-ups, as well as upgrade time. Here’s what you can expect with tomorrow’s server restart at 02:00 UTC:


  • All upgrade steps for M3 equipment will be 50% cheaper
  • All upgrade steps for M3 equipment will be completed in half the time
  • All speed-ups for M3 equipment will be 50% cheaper


To clarify, these are not one-off promotional settings. These are the new, revised prices and parameters for M3 equipment. If you’ve been wanting to push your tank up to M4, from tomorrow, you can do it twice as fast, and at half the price!


So, make sure you log into the game tomorrow and check out the new slashed prices on M3 upgrades and speed-ups. And don’t forget to share the awesome news with all your friends!


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